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Please help me! Russian has a glitch!

Hello, I'm trying to learn the basic phrases in Russian, and on the last thing it asks me to translate, and I can tell that if I get it right I can finish, this happens. For some reason, ever since I started the Russian course, it has been okay with me leaving out accent marks on all words but 'eto', this is. Whenever I get to the end of a lesson, it tells me to translate a phrase with the word 'eto'. Because I can't put in accent marks, it tells me I'm wrong. That normally wouldn't concern be accept it repedetaly shows the same question over and over, and never lets me get 'eto' right, so I can't finish the lesson. I've tried refreshing the page and trying again multiple times, but it still does that at the ending of the lesson. I do have a question, though. I noticed that there is a skip button in the bottom right corner, but it's grayed out and it won't let me activate it/ I think that if I could use the skip button I could progress further in learning Russian, but so far because of this I can't move forward at all. And the worst part is it's an early lesson, so I'm stuck at the beginning. Anyways, my question is, how do I activate the skip buttin? That might be the only way that I can progress through the Russian course. Please help me, up until yesterday I'd been self teaching myself Russian for a little over a year, but I find this much easier both to work with and understand.

November 4, 2015


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