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  5. "Они уже на мосту."

"Они уже на мосту."

Translation:They are already on the bridge.

November 4, 2015



Would "at the bridge" be incorrect?


Unfortunately, на can often mean both, so I guess we have to rely on context for this one...this is a tricky one because being "at" the bridge is just as likely as "on" it. I think "at" should be accepted


Oh no...this one made me realize there are a whole bunch of nouns that end in y instead of their other declension...


The group of nouns that take "У" instead of "E" are usually monosyllable, like "на мосту", "в лесу", "на полу", with some exceptions such as "на берегу". With enough practice it just becomes second nature to say "на полу" and whatnot.


Oh good, there's hope for me :)


Also according to the course creators, there are very, very few of them in total in the language :). Maybe they're just keeping us all calm :P


What's wrong with: "They already are on the bridge"? :/


I'm confused why we wouldn't use the prepositional case мосте. На is a preposition afterall. Спасибо


The use of мосту instead of мосте in the prepositional case is a remnant of the Old Russian locative case.


на мосту actually is prepositional case for the noun мост. There are a number of nouns that take the у ending in prepositional case instead of e, see a few of them given above. You just have to learn which takes у and which takes е.


Они уже на мосту

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Using the wrong word needs to designated different from wrong order


Is anyone else hearing "mah-stoh" (масто) even when played slow? I'm not sure if it's poor vocalization software or is this language's alphabet isn't truly phonetic.

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