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Cyrillic keyboard

Anyone knows where can I find a virtual cyrilic keyboard? or how to change it in windows??

November 4, 2015



On Windows, there's a way to add different keyboard layouts to a list so you can switch between them instantly with button combinations like "ctrl+shift+1" or "ctrl+shift+2". I use it a lot.

On Windows 7, you go to Control Panel>Region and Language>Keyboards and Languages>Change keyboards.

Then add whatever languages you want to the list, and then go to "Advanced Key Settings" to give them hotkeys.


ok, I did that... but it change the keyboard layout right?

for example: my usual "D" became a "B" in Russian. and that "B" means a "V".. God, I'm getting crazy here.


you can buy russian keyboard stickers, this is what i did


really? where can I find these? by the way, they ship it to Brazil? lol


i bought mine from ebay, but i am sure you can find them other places.

I dont know if they ship to brazil but I would assume yes friend


Go to the Russian forum, and to the popular tab, and the top post is a stickied post explaining about keyboards.


gracias, eso me ayudó muchisimo


One other option is to use Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/

I'm not sure what pops up for you, but you want "Russian" selected for the input box on the left. When you do that the input box should have a microphone icon and a keyboard icon. If you click the keyboard icon it should bring up a little virtual keyboard with the Cyrillic alphabet. This is what I have been using!

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