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Duo doesn't show new words in orange

Does anyone else have this problem? Usually Duo shows new words in orange, but in the whole "Basics 1" skill I've got no words in orange.

Since I'm not always able to remember whether I am supposed to know a certain word or not, this is really annoying... :-(

November 4, 2015



I don't think this should be being downvoted. I don't know if it's just my computer or connection, but I too seem to be getting new words that are not golden.

Edit: It's not in Basics 1, though, I first noticed it a little farther down the tree.


Yes; I too noticed this. Some words are flagged as they should be, but many are not. I just put it down to beta bugginess. You certainly shouldn't be being downvoted for raising it.


I am having the same issue. Sometimes I think I'm meant to know the word and feel bad hovering over it only to discover I have never learned it before. No idea why this discussion was been downvoted.


You're talking about the Russian course, right? It's because it's in beta.


Yes, I am talking about Russian. I am not sure, whether it is because of the beta status. As far as I know beta mostly means, that not all valid translations are added yet.

I saw this happen before in the Norwegian course. I thought it may be some feature, if Duo thinks that you already know much of the language (Since Norwegian is close to German, I was able to guess most of the translations).

But since this is my first contact with Russian, that's definitely not the case here.


I am seeing the same thing, that it is not consistent in highlighting the new words in orange.


Even in other courses it is not very consistent.


Yes, this isn't working properly. Only some new words show in orange the first time. Some words are not showin in or age at all even though they are shown the first time in a lesson. I guess this is a mistake and someone should put a big report in.


I could be mistaken but it seems to me that the highlighting of new words doesn't seem to trigger if you have seen another conjugation of the same word. (e.g. ест wasn't highlighted, even though I'd never seen ест before, but I had seen ем. Another word in the same sentence that I'd also never seen before was highlighted though)


I noticed this, too, so it's not just you.


I have the same problem but in reverse. It shows words I already know in orange...

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