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  5. "Here is mom."

"Here is mom."

Translation:Вот мама.

November 4, 2015



Вот is used when you're pointing at something or showing someone what is directly in their faces. Usually, it is accompanied by finger-pointing and/or it is easily accessible with your eyes. It's kind of emphatic, which is why it comes first in a sentence ("Here it is!" "Here's your taxi! Right on time!").

Здесь, is kind of the same thing, but you can use it when something is not as easily accessible, like for finding something/one ("Where's Johnny!" "Here I am!") or for any instance of "here" that doesn't involve finger-pointing something out to someone ("Here lies a book." "I used to live here.")


i would say "мама здесь" just bcs i am a normal person


7yy6is and that's what she


"мама там" не ?


Nope. "Мама там" would translate to "Mom is there". "Там" is 'there' and "вот" is 'here is', used when you are pointing out that something/someone is here.


And why is тут мама wrong? What is the difference between вот мама and тут мама? Thanks in advance for helping!


While "here" usually translates as "здесь" or "тут" I will agree that when in English you use "here" meaning to point on something "вот" will be a better translation. If you will say "Mum is here" then you can translate it as "мама здесь".


Это is THIS is, вот is HERE is.


What about здесб ? I used that instead of вот and was marked wrong. Is эдесб specifically about physical location?


I have the same question... I think it is related to the order of the words. I think that "Mum is here" translates to "мам здесь" meanwhile "here is mum" translates to "Вот мама". I think this because of a previous answer in the comments to a very similar question: "Mum is there" vS. "There is mum". :) Let´s wait until anyone more experienced gives us a certain answer ^_^


здесь careful with the last letter (the one you chose is pronounced a "b") - I have the same question though =)


Vot Mama on English keyboard


I cannot understand why is such a strange sentence added to this course. There are almost no situations where I could use this phrase.


What is the difference between вот, здесь


Why Вот and вот as differents


What abot Мама вот?


why is зедесь мама wrong


Is it pronounced "not" as in robot, or is "Вот" pronounced with a "v?" It's hard to hear, thanks


B in russian alphabet is always pronounced as V in latin alphabet !


Why is тут wrong?


How can i distinguish when to use здесь and вот ?


Вот usually use with point finger

If you can see the person who asked, and he can see mom, and you can point the finger at her, then вот мама.

If you anwer by phone or shout to person who is in the another room and cannot see you and her, then мама здесь because he is there and you and she are here.


Хах, смешно... Вот хлеб, вот лук вот мама и достает из кармана


Почему не "Здесь Мом"?


Wont let me type in Russian


No possible to write Dad and mum ON RUSSE AVEC LE CLAVIER FRANÇAIS


I just want to report a bug: I picked a word from the balloons, but I erased it and it has left a blank space as if the word was still there; I couldn't take it away of there and that led Duo to mark as an incorrect answer, even though I entered the correct answer. I'm on Android.


Omg russian is so hard


Мы русскоязычные тоже путаемся почему - Я здесь. А - Здесь мама - переводится как - Вот мама) с английского на русский)


The В makes a V sound in Russian.


I don't understand. I answered Bот mama. The answer was Vot mama. I never learned Vot. And apparently mama has to be мама? There are no lower case m's in Russian?


I think the B is pronounced like a V ... ?


Latin and Cyrillic characters have different computer codes even those which look identically ("o" and "о"). Never mix them.


For future reference, this is due to the mixing of Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. On the computer you can choose if you'd like to use one or the other, on a phone, it seems like you have to use Cyrillic.


Здесь is also an acceptable way to say it


Please can you use anything but that hideous 'mom'? How about mutti, mam, ma , amma, mammy, mama, mother, mater? Anything is better than that awful version!

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