"This is not my bicycle."

Translation:Это не мой велосипед.

November 5, 2015

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Can someone help me with moi vs. moya?


мой (masculine nouns) моя (feminine nouns) моё (neuter nouns) мои (plural nouns, regardless of gender)


Огромное спасибо!!! :D


What does Огромное mean? Пожалуйста


So that would make, "Large (Many) thanks." Огромное спасибо!


How can I determine if a word is masculine /or feminine?


It's about the gender of the word, not yourself :)


My response was "eto ne moi velosiped" but it marked it wrong. Is it case sensitive or...?


I wish Duolingo would show us what you just typed as well as the Cyrillic spelling.

What you need to do is go to your (android) phone/tablet settings and go to Keyboard: English QWERTY, and then go down the list and check the box by Russian as well, in order to type in Cyrillic characters (I guess thats all it accepts).


I use an android. I just found out I could switch between keyboards of my "preferred languages" using the space key, swiping to the left or right to change from one to the other.


On my Android G10 they have the keyboard languages named in their native language so I had to do some guess work to find the Russian keyboard.


Thank you I will try it!


The possessive for "велосипед" is "мой," and "й" transliterates as "j". That's probably where you went wrong. "Мои" is for plurals and "и" transliterates as "i".


No, it isn't. There was probably something wrong with the transliteration, and we don't have any control over it.


okay thank you for informing me


If you use the android app, switch your keyboard to Russian, it's easy to figure out with a bit of googling


I do have the keyboard on mobile but not on my laptop maybe I should look into that


I use the "student" Russian keyboard on my PC (google it). It is a phonetic keyboard, which makes typing easier .. at least, until you stumble upon a real Russian keyboard and you need to re-learn everything once again ...


Use a virtual keyboard


Please enlighten me, what is the differences between "не" and "нет"?


Не = not, it denies whatever goes after it.
не мой, не умею, не этот, не красивый
Нет = no, it is a negative answer.
"Ты хочешь есть?" - "Нет."
"Это твой велосипед?" - "Нет, не мой."


Just in case some people are struggling to pronounce bicycle in Russian, it's "velo-si-pee-ed"


Thanks you're a life saver :D


I'm om a PC and I cannot change the letters. It won't let me pass without using the Russian alphabet. I'm confused, what do I do?


you can use keyboard on ur screen, then using your mouse to type i can't explain how to activated it, (i'm bad at explain thing) but i'm sure there is a guide on google, you can try it sorry for my bad english XD


Assuming you are using a Windows operating system, you definitely can change keyboards.


Instead of having how it is pronounced, maybe have the way it looks in russian so i can have better word identification


For anyone who hasn't noticed, you can switch between Cyrillic and Latin scripts by pressing the toggle slider in the top left.


go into settings, find "languages" or perhaps keyboard, and change the language to Russian. You may have to download the language and set a key to change between english and russian or you'll have to do it manually.


can I say "это не мой велик?"


I think you musn't say this because it's an abrevation, that's not correct !


I know that loan words are depressingly irregular, but is there any rule governing neuter or masculine gender for words like велосипед? I assumed because it's a French loan that it would take моё, not мой


Words ending in consonants (it doesn't include words ending in softsign ь) are generally masculine. Words ending in е or о are generally neuter. Words ending in а or я are generally feminine. Words ending in softsign can be either masculine of feminine


Why is it incorrect to write это не так мой велосипед ?


The word так does not belong in this sentence. You can say "Это не так" as a standalone phrase if you want to say "It (that) isn't true/so", or такой as an adjective if you want to emphasize that something is such a ____ thing/person (она такая хорошая учительница), but you would not use так in this context.


General question: When Duo asks me to write in Russian, how can I get the Russian keyboard as an option on my desktop computer???


I downloaded a keyboard- then cut/paste the words(virtual keyboard) there are options with standard keyboard as well


Thanks for that, 70marty! I ended up copying and pasting the answers (I had to get the question wrong first to be able to do this) into a note pad on my desktop, and then writing my Russian answers by copying and pasting back into Duo when asked!! Thanks! :)

How did you download the keyboard?


The one I have is called Virtual Russian Keyboard 3.0, found with a search, and got it, then linked to my task bar.


That's so helpful, thank you so much! :)


Thr letter д in the word велосипед sounds more like an english T than a D to me? Anyone else?


Yes, that's how it sounds in the base form with zero ending (велосипед). "D" at the end of the word becomes unvoiced. However in other forms of this word which have some ending "d" will sound as [d]: велосипеды, велосипеда etc.


I can't write russian so i can't do this lesson. I am very sorry for that.


Just install a Russian keyboard. It's not hard to do. Check the instructions here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11449014 or search on the forum: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/920


Asks for : This is not my bicycle in russian and i typed : Ето не мон велоснпед but it corrects me and says Eto ne moi velosiped ... why it is wrong what i wrote??


If you check carefully, letter by letter, the correct answer above you will find at least three letters wrong, in three different words.


By your name, you're probably Greek, and although in Greek, the h-looking letter is pronounced /i/, in Russian it is /n/. The other mistake is the word is Это, not Ето.


What is the difference between это and этот?


Это не мой велосипед = This is not my bicycle

Этот велосипед не мой = This bicycle is not mine

See this page for an in-depth description: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


Thank you! The picture is so cute too!


I can't get it to do the и with the thingie on top


Did you setup your keyboard layout correctly? If so, it should be where your "Q" key normally is.

For most operating systems, this guide should work: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11449014

On Ubuntu, it should be under "text entry settings".


Note: З and Э are different (I commited mistake here.)


Please explain how bicycle is translated


Could you clarify what you mean? It should show "велосипед".


Difference between Это and вот?


@PecheBaby - Это means "this is" or "it is" (like, "This is a car", or "This is your new room" or "It is a pretty river"). If you attach это directly to a noun, it acts like an adjective and changes accordingly, and in that case it means "This X" (Эта машина = "This car"; этот мальчик = "This boy").

Вот means "here is", or "this is" in the sense of "here is the key I was looking for!" or "this is the key I was looking for!" when you stumble upon it. It's also used in various idiomatic expressions.


I guess to demonstrate, imagine a tourist asks a friendly local to show him where the museum is, and the local resident says, "I'll take you there, it's just two blocks down the road and I'm going there anyway". And then they get there after several minutes and the local resident says, "Вот музей! Это очень исторический и красивый музей." (Here's [this is] the museum! It is a very historic and beautiful museum).

Hope this helps!


can someone tell when to use не instead of нет


The word "не" is translated as "not," and is used before a verb to express negation of the verb (in Russian, the verb "to be" is ommitted in the present tense, such as in this sentence).

The word "нет" just means "no," which you would generally use before answering a question in the negative.

Hope that helped!


А велик чем не велосипед


The French word for bicycle is "vélo," so I use it to remember "велосипед". lol


I need help to change to russian letters


Hi Julie, see the responses above from 70marty, but what I did meanwhile was I had to skip the answer (which meant it was marked wrong) and then cut and paste the correct answer that I was given into another document (notepad), so I had the Russian letters - which I then cut and pasted back into Duolingo when prompted again. This was how I got over that keyboard issue. It's much easier on your mobile as you can just easily download the relevant keyboard.


How can you tell if a word is feminine, masculine or neuter in the russian translation?


How do i put the alphebet on my phone?


Is hard to try write sentences even with a few words for beginners who start from a scratch with Russian alphabet. Better to start excercising separate simple words or letters only first ... write word "bicycle" in azbuka almost from a scratch correctly is nearly impossible ... the russian letters are totally un-intuitive in compare to latin letters even I'm slavic and is quite easy for me to understand by listening. But to write the crazy russian alphabet need hard practicing ... like letter "ž" as "ж" or "f" as "ф" ...


pls add велик to right answers


Why is a bicycle not a neutrum (moë)?


Does anyone know where the Russian characters are so that I can actually write the answers in Russian?


How can I determine if a word is masculine /or feminine?


How do they expect me to write this in Russian, not having a Russian keyboard?


How do you pronounce bicycle in russian its so fast i can't actually catch it


can someone help me with "ne" and "net"?


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