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"Как думаете, здесь есть школа?"

Translation:What do you think, is there a school here?

November 5, 2015



Would "Do you think there is a school here?" also be an acceptable variant?


I think it should be accepted.


Still doesn't accept. 10.04.2020


It's accepted now :)


It seems that the word "Kak" imply that you have to use the word "what" in your construction!


Wouldn't that be ты думаешь or вы думаете?


So "what do you think, is the school here" was rejected. Could someone explain?


My take on this is that the correct translation for that would be "как ты думаешь, школа есть здесь", on the base that usually the least known part is last in the sentence, so in your case you know there is a school, just don't know where, but in the exercise they don't know if there is a school at all. Any native can confirm my thoughts? Sorry for mistakes


So the idea is:

  • Что вы думаете? = What do you think.

  • Как думаете, ... ? = What do you think, ...



This is a good question. I thought of different situations when I would say "как вы думаете" and "что вы думаете", and here are my ideas:

We usually say как вы думаете when we ask about some alternatives:

  • Как ты думаешь, завтра будет дождь? Do you think it will rain tomorrow? (There are two alternatives, whether it will rain or won't.)
  • Как вы думаете, он согласится? Do you think he will agree?

We can also use "Как ты думаешь?" to urge someone to think and give their guesses:

  • Знаешь, кто ко мне вчера приходил? - Do you know who visited me yesterday?
  • Понятия не имею. - No idea.
  • Ну, как ты думаешь? - Come on, have a try / Well, what do you think?

We usually say что вы думаете when we are asking to express thoughts and opinions:

  • Что ты думаешь об этом предложении? What do you think about this proposal?
  • Что вы думаете по этому поводу? What are your thoughts on this matter?

Maybe other native speakers will add more examples.


Not a native.... but i asked my jative wife. She agrees with what Olima has stated and added that "что" is usually, if not always linked with "о" or a similar preposition, leaving it more open ended where as "как" follows the rules/patterns like Olima provided.

Another use of "что"without such a preposition is a kind of aggressive questioning, challe ging your view.

Not sure how much that helps, but trying to expand the understanding of this difficult russian nuance как думаешь - что думаешь


Awesome that you ask the same question in different ways according to the context! It makes the language so rich!


хммм... my guess is: "Как думаете" = "how do you think "


Yes, I also thought so, but the translation uses What and the one with How isn't accepted I believe.


may be possible to omit "есть" ?

Как думаете, здесь школа?


The question seems to be whether any school exists here, not whether a particular already-known school is here or somewhere else. So "есть" belongs in the sentence.


Why would this not translate as, "What do you think, there is a school here?" A dumb question of course but it wouldn't be the first; and I wasn't able to discern the intended meaning from the word order - especially as есть translated as "there is."


Why not думаеш?


In this case you need to write "думаешь"


I put "Do you think there is a school here". It was wrong, so I imagine I didn't quite get the nuances right. Olimo has helped clear that up!


I guess that would have been "Как думаете, школа здесь?", but I'm looking for insight into the phrase.


Здесь sounds different from usually to me. Is it wrong, or is it supposed to slip into "sh" at the end and then merge into есть ?


думаете and думает??


Думаете is for вы and думает is for он/она


Have exactly the same, "right" translation as the correct is... but it is wrong???


Can " What do you think, is the school here ?" work ?


The course usually requires us to include subject pronouns even though Russians often omit them, but here the example sentence omits the pronoun.


Why думаете and not думаешь?


думаете - is just a formal way to speech

actually both way are correct


horrible translation


Can I say "Как думаешь" for what do you think? Or is "what do you think" more of an idiom, that is always represented by ""Как думаете"?


It should be как думаешь


"What do you think, is the school here?" Rejected 23 May 2018. Reported.


Non-native, so I could be wrong, but I believe the есть in this sentence implies that the question regards the existence of a school, so "What do you think, is there a school here?" is more a more accurate translation than "What do you think, is the school here?" because the latter sentence assumes that there is a school somewhere, while the former asking if one exists at all. It seems like a minor difference but the two are definitely different questions.

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