"Do you drink coffee?"

Translation:Ты пьёшь кофе?

November 5, 2015

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It would be really helpful if it would speak these words on hover-over. I get some practice with these written exercises, but I don't know exactly how all these words are pronounced, and because there is no "Words" section I can't just look up the word and click it to hear the pronunciation.


I just copy+paste it to google translate, it works for me, although yeah, it would be convenient


forvo is a good website for hearing native speakers pronounce words. i use 'say it right!' whichis a mobile app powered by forvo... you should practice typing it instead of copy/paste to learn the keyboard.


press the play button and it will speak the whole sentence.. on mobile app selecting a word will speak it, but the app doesnt have the lightbulb icon info section for any sections, or the option to always type your answer instead of word bank


Why is Ты пьёте кофе wrong but вы... Right?

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    The verb form changes depending on the pronoun:

    • Ты пьёшь ко́фе?
    • Вы пьёте ко́фе?

    The verb form should correspond to the pronoun used.


    Thanks a lot! :)


    That's what I want to know. Вы is you formal/plural, and ты is you informal/singular but the English doesn't distinguish which they want in this case.


    Can anybody tell me what the difference between пьёт and пьёте is?

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      Verbs change their forms to match the subject of the sentence:

      • я пью́ ‘I drink’ — 1st person singular,
      • ты пьёшь ‘you drink’ — 2nd person singular,
      • она́ пьёт ‘she drinks’, он пьёт ‘he drinks’, оно́ пьёт ‘it drinks’ — 3rd person singular,
      • мы пьём ‘we drink’ — 1st person plural,
      • вы пьёте ‘you drink’ — 2nd person plural (it’s techincally a plural form, but also used when talking to one person for extra formality),
      • они́ пьют ‘they drink’ — 3rd person plural.

      This happens in English, too, but in much more limited form: we use ‘drinks’ for 3rd person singular, and ‘drink’ for all the other situations. English used to have more of those, but lost most of those endings. For example, 2rd person singular ‘thou drinkest’ was replaced with a formerly-plural form ‘you drink’ (just like Russian, English people used plural form ‘you’ to address one person, and it ended up replacing the singular form completely).

      Russian, on the other hand, has a full set of endings. Don’t be discouraged if this seems too much! You’ll learn those forms, eventually. And they follow similar patterns so once you learn those patterns, you’ll be able to conjugate any verb.


      Thanks a lot for your explanation!! It's the same case as in Spanish Tú: Thou ( more familiar) Usted: You( more polite)


      Knowing Spanish has really helped with understanding how some of this works.


      Большое спасибо! ✨


      спасибо мои брат


      Very helpful! Спасибо!


      As a general comment about these types of questions, having the correct sentance spoken after one is selected would be beneficial to me; more practice hearing them spoken.


      It really should indicate if it is you (singular) or you (plural). How should I know (without context) which is expected? Coming from a language which, too, has two differents words for this, this really drives me crazy...


      Does the "ь" at the end of "пьёшь" change the pronunciation or is it just there for historical reasons? And what does the first "ь" after the "п" do? Is the "ё" not enough to make it soft?


      I think it is to divide syllables in words and to make sure that the letter before it is fully pronounced instead of shortened like Americans will do with certain words. IE: we will say 'goin' to the store.' The "Ь" makes sure you don't cut that letter off and instead say 'goinG to the store'. Does that make sense?


      What is the difference between пьёт and пьёте?


      Он/она/оно пьёт and Вы пьёте


      Is this correct : ты пьёш, она пьёт, вы пьёте ?


      The program has validated my wrong answer as correct. I had entered : вы пьёшь. And the answer is вы пьёте.


      Did the same error as you, but it was reported as wrong.


      How the heck am I supposed to know if is plural (or formal) and not singular?!


      "Пьёшь ли кофе? " Правилно ли это ? :-)


      Пьёшь ли ты кофе.


      How do I transliterate ë?


      ё is pronounced like "yo"

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        Duolingo transliterates both ё and е with 'e'.


        ё and е as 'e', because you don't actually need to write the umlaut in writing, but the pronunciation still holds. Otherwise, it's 'yo'.


        How am i supposed to write it in russian


        you can turn on an on-screen keyboard or use an online one: http://russian.typeit.org/


        Why are пьёте анд пьёшь both correct?


        I'm learning just like you, but I think the following is correct - there's Ты пьёш and there's Вы пьёте. Roughly speaking, both mean "you drink", but it's more nuanced than that. My understanding is that Ты is more informal and "friendly" than Вы, and Вы is also preferred if you're addressing more than one "you", such as a teacher addressing a class (i.e, You students).


        Yeah you're right, it's just the conjugation of the verb Пить. Я пью Ты пьёшь Он/она пьёт Вы пьёте etc. https://cooljugator.com/ru/%D0%BF%D0%B8%D1%82%D1%8C


        Why is Ты not accepted?


        Having difficulty with the 'you' verbs. They don't just like Spanish, except when they don't. Spanish is my other second language I'm learning. If only Duo would give me the option to relate all the of my languages in order to make the progress in all of them easier.


        Why пьёшь and not пёшь ? Thank you


        Whats the difference b/w ты and тебя?


        Different cases. First one is Nominative, second one could be either Genitive or Dative.


        when do you use ты and вы Ь


        I used Ты пьёшь кафе and it was rejected. I still don't get it - I think that answer should be correct :(


        because you misspelled кофе


        Belay that - I mistyped "coffee"


        љњертѕуи i dont have the right keyboard


        What! How do I type in Russian I am English and I dont have a Russian keyboard so how do I type in Russian ? it says to type it in Russian but I cant please help me


        Here's a topic on how to change your keyboard for Win, Mac, IPad and Android: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11449014


        So it's вы пьёте even if youre using вы as polite singular?


        Correct words not displayed


        Please make the words audible as you hover over them !! This would be hugely beneficial... I copy and paste google translate but, it would be great to learn by hearing what you read.


        I have typos in my answer but it didnt give me the option to pick the right answer

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