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  5. "We have everything!"

"We have everything!"

Translation:У нас есть всё!

November 5, 2015



You do not need the есть, it is only optional, but it says I got it wrong.


It is optional when you translate "to be" into Russian. Here it means "we possess"


Why is "У нас всё!" wrong?


We use this construction only in a special occasion. When we are taking a long speech and finally finishing it, we can say "У нас всё!" It means 'we have no more to say'


If we're not going to change the system, could we at least update the clues? Come on Duo.


Seriously this is the fifth time.


I don't understand, why нас and not наше?


To show possession in Russian you can use the structure У + Genitive (+ есть):

  • У меня (есть) = I have.

  • У тебя (есть) = you have,

  • У него (есть) = he/it has.

  • У неё (есть) = she has.

  • У нас (есть) = we have.

  • У вас (есть) = you (pl.) have.

  • У них (есть) = they have.

You can also use this structure with other nouns, not only with pronouns:

  • Max has a cat = У Макса (есть) кошка (Genitive for Макс is Макса).

  • My sister has a dog = У моей сестры (есть) собака (моей сестры = of my sister).


Good explanation! But can you correct "У тебя (есть)"? You just typed it wrong.


Thank you for pointing it out. I just corrected it.


Great job with this explanation! I read on russianlessons.com that these genitives you are referring to in the examples are the accusative prononouns. I understand this structure for to have is complicated from the English perspective (other languages included as well), but I am happy they decided to present it here because "to have" is a very common verb and at the same time we are inducing our brains to think outside of the English grammar box, and learning the accusative forms that will be necessary for the more advanced lessons.


Thanks for the explanation!


Could you explain when to use есть and when not to? Thanks


наше means "our". you use "наше" to express a real posession , not in this kind of constructions


damn i typed "Мы есть всё"


Can someone explain the У ?


What's wrong with Мы нас всё?


Is "У нас всё" wrong? Is "есть" nesessery?


Not super related to the translation, but what's the difference between "всё" and "все"?


Всё means "everything", все means "everybody". However remember that writing dots above ё is not necessary and very often they are omitted. Meaning that всё can legally be spelled as все. It's usually clear from the context which word it should be (though occasionally it can lead to some confusion).


why not say the sentence when you got it right? would help extra i believe.


Why is that when i write естъ correctly Duo say its a typo? Am afraid there is no other way to write it


Because you're using the letter ъ when you should be using the letter ь. Double check it's the right button.


Without a Russian keyboard how do I write "vsyaw"?


why is всё pronounced like tsye instead of tsyo?


We have an everything.Why it sais it's wtong without есты.It doesnt have any sense


That has a different meaning, actually two different meanings:

1st: "That's it, we're done."

Example: Программу дописали, у нас -- всё. (We have finished (writing) the program (software) - we're done.) Might be a lame translation, because there's a lot of ellipsis happening there, anyways you should more or less get the idea.

2nd: "We've ran out of something"


-- Ещё остались огурцы? (Are there any cucumbers left?)

-- Не-а, у нас -- всё. (Nah, we've ran out.)

Also, when you end a sentence or a clause with "всё" like shown above, you have to put a long dash before it.


У нас етсь всё! Lost 4 hearts typing correct answer. Why does it not accept as correct?


There is a typo in your answer: У нас есть всё!


whats the typo? looks the same to me

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