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  5. "Do you drink milk?"

"Do you drink milk?"

Translation:Ты пьёшь молоко?

November 5, 2015



whats the difference between пьёшь and пьёт? help :(


These are different conjugations of the same infinitive, пить.

Ты пьёшь

Он/она/оно пьёт



спасибо :)

  • Пьёт is for 3rd person. i.e: he, she, it
  • пьёшь - is for 2nd person, i.e: "You drink water" » "Ты пьёшь воду."

[deactivated user]

    Why is ты not accepted ?


    I am wondering about this as well.


    I am also wondering


    They bith are, you have to select ALL the correct answers. Ты and вы


    i am as wondering as well my friend


    This question was a little unkind as we have not been given any examples of the second person plural until this moment! I made a lucky guess that пьете (I do not know where to find е with the diaeresis) was a second plural, purely because it happens to resemble the equivalent form in ancient Greek.


    I know Duolingo lesson's are not perfect, but, it's free, and when I have a question before answering, I click on a browser tab and Google search the answer like: how do you say You drink milk in greek, for instance. Or, I just just enter gibberish for Duolingo to show the the anwer: Then I cut and past the answer in my notebook so that when Duolingo asks me again (and Duolingo always asks a failed question again), then I will have the answer. Since a Duolingo language tree can't possibly, "teach" every conjugation, inflection, etc., I use topics to search for the answers on Google Search, such as how do you say: I drink milk, etc, how do you say He drinks mik, they drink milk. Sometimes when I can't figure it out asking Google, I come to the discussions and read previous comments, questions and answers, and that helps. I know Duolingo is not a comprehensive language learning platform. But, I am using it as a starting point which helps me to know what questions I need to ask on the internet, and on youtube. My goal, learn languages without ever having to pay for a book or specialized program. Thanks!

    [deactivated user]

      Difference between ты и вы?


      "Ты" is singular. "Вы" is plural, or formal.


      Ты is you(singular) - вы is you(prural)


      It said I had a typo but it was a fill in the blank and the misspelled part was the part they gave me.

      It didnt count it wrong but I thought it was funny


      Help! It won't accept my answer what is the transliteration for it please! I can't move on!


      I dont understand why ты wasn't excepted when is doesn't specify which form of "you" to use. It could be either singular informal or pl./singular formal.


      i picked two answers ты and Вы sometimes you can choose two answers it says Mark ALL correct translations


      I wrote 'пьешь ты молоко?' and it wasn't accepted. Would this be something a Russian would say or would it sound awkward/weird?


      Yes, it sounds awkward but it is possible in some cases. It makes stress on word "пьёшь" and shows some irritation like "Are you drinking milk or what are you doing?" At the same time unusual order of words may be used in poetry or to imitate archaic forms (Russian epic).

      [deactivated user]

        you forgot the ё and you need to switch both words around, there is some word order in Russian


        when do we use Vy and Ty for "You"?


        I use to write : ты пьешь молоко ?


        never mind u have to press both


        http://prntscr.com/gygb21 no comment, it says im wrong but my answer is in the correct one ... does it mean I had to choose both of them?


        Your screenshot says, "Correct solutions." You must choose both Вы пьёте молоко? and Ты пьёшь молоко in order to be marked correct. In English, both sentences would be phrased, "Do you drink milk?" There is only one way to say this in English, and there are two ways to say it in Russian. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.


        How do you change the keyboard to Russian lenguage?


        I dont have a cyrillic keyboard. please accept my answer


        I do not have a cyrillic alphabet. Please accept my answer as otherwise I cannot progress. There is no other way I can transliterate "pyosh" (you drink). I know what it looks like & what it sounds like but I cannot write it on my computer


        I cant write this is cyrillic. I do want to continue


        This Duolingo resource may help on how to install the keyboard: Russian: the Alphabet and the Keyboard

        Winrus.com may help if you don't want to toggle back and forth between languages on your device: Online Russian->English Keyboard

        Phonetic transliteration of Cyrillic is notoriously inconsistent, and I really recommend one of the resources above. Otherwise, try p'yosh; it's my best guess.


        Thanks Ruth. I havent downloaded the keyboard yet, & unfortunately duolinguo rejected p'yosh. I found a way round it though...


        Sure, sorry p'yosh didn't work for you. Glad you found a way around пьёшь.

        Unfortunately no one on these discussion boards has a way to make it accept your answer, so if you think your response should be accepted, all you can do is "report" your answer as correct when you submit it. The question will still repeat, though, until you get it right -- so downloading an alternative keyboard input or using the online Winrus will be your truly best bet.


        please accept my approximate transliteration as i do not have a cyrillic keyboard. I really want to progress


        how do you type this phonetically


        How to translitter пьёшь?


        How do you guys remember ш vs щ


        Its because "ш" makes a "sh" sound.


        Why is "ы" one letter and key?


        Okay im confused a little on sentence structure and grammar here. Im trying to make it more solid and easy to remove. To have is a verb. So if the sentence was: D you have milk? it would be: У тебя есть молоко? To drink is a verb. So why is it not: У тебя пьёшь молоко? Im sure theres an easy explanation someone might now.


        I don’t have the Cyrillic alphabet on my iPhone , so I have to write Russian using the Roman alphabet. I cannot transcribe the second person singular for “to drink” in Russian in a way that Duolingo finds acceptable.


        My smartphone doesn’t have the Cyrillic alphabet, and Duolingo doesn’t accept some of my transcriptions, such as pesh’ or purr’. Help!

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