"Нет, я не ем яблоки."

Translation:No, I do not eat apples.

November 5, 2015



Is there are difference between translating this sentence as “No, i am not eating apples.” vs. “No, I do not eat apples.”?

November 5, 2015


There is a difference in English, but the Russian sentence "Я не ем яблоки" can mean both "I don't eat apples" (in general) and "I am not eating apples" (now).

November 5, 2015

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In that case, why does Duolingo mark "No, I am not eating apples" as wrong?

September 15, 2016


That being said, you can say "I don't eat apples" as «я не ем яблок».

Edit: no wait, that just intensifies the negation. I guess it still can be understood as “I'm not eating apples”.

November 5, 2015


"Я не ем яблок" is closer to "I don't eat apples" than to "I am not eating apples".

November 5, 2015


Very useful answer since i am latinamerican and learned about simple and continuos present in English.

July 13, 2018


Is it me or does "яблоки" final "и" sound like an english "e" in "the" instead of "-eeh"?. In the case it does sound like an "e", is it correct or a TTS error? Thanks! :)

November 26, 2015


It sounds like short [i] in 'it'

March 19, 2016


I have the same question. Any comments from the experts? Thanks!

March 13, 2016


It is probably a mistake even я sounds like ye instead of ya.

March 13, 2016


is there a quick way to identify the plural form of a word from its singular?

May 26, 2016


I don't think it is very easy, but some plurals end with -и, some with -ы, and some with -а, and many more... I believe there is a whole lesson about plurals here in DUolingo. If you really want to get "confused", go to http://masterrussian.com/aa082100a.shtml

June 3, 2016


I really cannot distinguish "to have" and "to eat". I used "I don't have apples" because of a another question, but here is "I don't eat", ... why? How to tell them apart?

June 7, 2016


Есть " to have ест: to eat

July 13, 2018


It seems to me that there is a distinction of 'aspect' (perfective vs imperfective) between 'I am eating an apple' and 'I eat apple'. Expert please?

June 27, 2016


Why is яблоки pronounced with "е" and not "и" at the end?

January 6, 2019


Why ем instead of есть?

July 15, 2016


i wrote "Нет я не ем яблоки" without the comma and full stop and it was marked incorrect. Can you fix this?

June 8, 2018


Is the same as " No,I do not have it " you have to use the comma

July 13, 2018


How would you say "No, I did not eat the apples"?

February 20, 2019


I wonder why "don't" is not accepted.. only "do not", is there a reason for that?

July 16, 2019
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