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  5. "Are you an actor?"

"Are you an actor?"

Translation:Ты актёр?

November 5, 2015



Russians are simple, "you actor", end


"Why waste time say many word when few word do trick" -Kevin


True lol but when you directly translate it, you sound like Frankenstein xD


Let's see how you are doing?


LoL! That had me in a stitches.


You are simple!


Haha! Just wait.
Pretty quickly, it turns into 3D chess. There are so many conditions and situations that Russian has different words for, that we don't distinguish in English.

Thanks Duo, for helping me appreciate that different languages really are other ways of viewing the world/ thinking about things.


What's Tbl??


how is it pronounced? My mind says Tibble but my gut says Tey


Say Tey, i think. If you dont have a russian keyboard, just copy and paste


Using an on screen keyboard is what I us for all the languages i'm learning. I feel it's better than buying 3 or getting stickers.


Try the app Swiftkey from Microsoft.


its actually pronounced "Tea"


no, i'm Russian and of course, how this pronounced. it's like [ty]


Like the word tea? For the hot beverage?


I was wondering about that. I know I have heard it pronounced like a soft thee. The th part similer to th in thimble.


It is "t - little pause - ey"


its pronounced "Tea"


Russians tell each other when ТЫ communicate with close people.


Russian ВЫ speak to older people and superior boss.


I think you're thinking of the ы character and it makes an "aye" sound. Russians do not have a character for the letter Y the closest thing would be и or и́


I also cannot because it wants me to write in in Russian and I don't have a Russian keyboard!!


https://russian.typeit.org/ is working great for me!

I just type what I want on my US keyboard and it comes out with the closest russian sound. I made a mistake on this question, because I typed actor, when I should have typed akter. It came out as "актер".
I'll know better next time.


to go on without Russian keyboard, copy/paste the answer, after the first "mistake"


you know there are really good russian inputs adapted to qwerty keyboards out there, right? This is one of them: http://russian.typeit.org/ http://winrus.com/kbd_e.htm#inst

It has the "Student" layout, meaning the letters are arranged phonetically. To know where is what, you can have a look at this, because this keyboard has the student layout as well: http://russian.typeit.org/

Hope that helps!

Quick edit. For phone users, I can't really help for iPhones but you should be able to find some nice russian keyboards in your store with that layout, and for Android users, I've found really useful Gboard's (Google's input on phones, should be the one you're using by default) function of having multiple languages to be really useful. You can just add the russian input in Gboard's settings (inside of the phone settings, it's located in language and input methods or similar), and then be able to switch to russian input just by holding down the spacebar on the Gboard keyboard.


There is TOTALLY a way to access a Russian keyboard on IOS. Settings>Search "Keyboards"> Add Keyboard...> Cyrillic (Russian). Boom.


Русские говорят Вы более старшим по возрасту и положению. Друзья говорят друг другу Ты.


Ты-you. Мы- we. Они- they. Я- I. Он- he. Она- she.


Singular "you" and informal.


Do you have to put the dots or umlauts above the e in актё(е)р?


No, e will do just as well as ё


So what is the difference between the two letters?


different sounds: е=ye and ё=yo


Exactly :) our course is what you would call ё-compliant, which means it uses ё in sentences. In some countries, ё is not considered a separate letter. For example, in Russia ё can be replaced with e, while in Belarus ё is separate from e. Even so, both countries use ё.


Е sounds like je when stressed and like i when not, ë is jo and it is always stressed... usually you write the two points only when writing pronouns


This is not always true by the way. I have gotten one or two "wrongs" (still, after hundreds of exercises), where the "mistake" was 'еще' instead of 'ещё'.

I'm still wary of omitting the dots, as having to repeat the task only because of that is a kspitfa.


Technically, it isn't an umlaut (or a diaeresis). Just imagine it like if the dot in "i" was optional, with the dot changing the pronunciation of the letter.


Yo-ё , you can say so.


My little brother runs up to the screen and sticks his face to look and says "Why does the e have eyes?" XD


How many letters/alphabets in Russian language


There are 33 letters


What's the difference between "ты" and "вы"?


Ты is infotmal you. Вы is more formal way.


As someone already mentioned, Ты is usually reserved for friends or people you are on informal terms with, and Вы is formal and how you should greet strangers. In addition, вы is the plural form of "you" so even if you are addressing a group of friends, you use вы because there are multiple people. Hope this helps!


where is the Russian keyboard


There is no Russian keyboard on Duolingo, you'll have to find one yourself. You can find some good ones in the Discussion section, if you search it.


Android offers the Russian keyboard, just click the button to the left of the space bar (settings) and select the languages.


If you have android try super keyboard.


If you are on a Mac computer, go into keyboard setting and under "input sources" you can add different languages and then under "keyboard" you can click the setting "show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar" and you can switch back and forth between the two keyboards, it just takes a minute to learn the different keys.


Go to the Russian Discussions and there will be one discussion at the top that will explain how to find a Russian keyboard.


how do i type the dots above the e? Duolingo accepted "ты актер" but I'd still like to do it correctly, and the e with the dots does not appear to be on my virtual Russian keyboard.


I pressed and held the "e" key untill "ё" appeared


use the ` or ~ button for ё Ё


I have the choice between several keyboards. If I use Russian (not Russian-PC or Russian-phonetic), then I can find this ё.


Thanks everyone. I think the problem was with the Virtual Keyboard I had on my Chromebook did not have the ё, but now that I finally have a real pc again, the internal virtual keyboard does have ё under the English key, ~.


I can't answer the questions because I don't have Cyrillic keyboard, it's so frustrating. Can Duolingo please provide an on screen one like Memrise does so that it's possible to continue.


Some times the o letter is pronounced "a" like in это and many other words how do we know when to pronounce it a?


Example: молоко (milk) is pronouced "малако". Only the last "o" is pronounced as "o", because "-ко" i's the stressed syllable in this word. In unstressed syllables "o" is reduced to "a".


огромное спасибо


Is the only difference between a statement and a question a rise in intonation?


In this case yes


I cant find the l in тв_. Its not between the ф and the в


"Ы" is one letter, Its next to ф.

[deactivated user]

    Where do i find the 3rd letter for the 1st word for you are, I seem to not be able to find it


    There is no 3rd letter in the first word, there are only 2 letters.

    [deactivated user]

      then how do I type down 'are you an actor' because for me I typed 'tbl aktep' (do not have a Russian keyboard format on my laptop, my apologies) when I check it says I've got the actor translated right and for the 1st word I wasn't able to find anything that resembled bl in one letter for my phone. Am I deluding myself and that it is actually just 'tb' and if yes where can I find this second letter of the the 1st word on a phone's virtual keyboard.


      I know it was a while ago that you posted this, but here's an answer;

      If you were to write «Ты актер» in Latin characters (our Alphabet), you could write; "Ty aktor". Cyrillic letters don't all look like their Latin equivalents.

      It's just like when people write "cyka" (Forgive my profanity), it drives me insane. Since the correct word in Cyrillic is; «сука». Whereas if you were to put it into Latin characters correctly, it would be "suka".

      I hope this answers your question. As for why duolingo said that "aktep" is correct, that eludes me.


      Ты астёр is "are you an actor"


      Актёр* I think с acts as an s


      Тьі актер is not working for me


      That's because you're spelling «Ты» wrong.


      Ы is a single letter,


      how can I write in Russian without the keyboard


      i have a russian keyboard on my phone,but theres no "I" looking thing on it.


      Tbl is not accepted, even though I have an english keyboard. I can't hit the B as it is in the answer.


      You probably should install a russian keyboard. ы is a one cyrillic symbol, one letter. Not b+l.


      Does anyone have any tips on learning the phonetic sounds of the Russian letters? It is really slowing my learning down.


      Question, wouldn't it be proper to learn Вы first instead of Ты? I remember that the informal form is for intimate people. If we practiced russian with ты with actual russians it may feel very uncomfortable, no?


      Where can I find the Cyrillic script?


      Why is it ты and then Ты? Whats the difference or is it the same thing. Just capital letter?


      Just capital letter.


      How do you pronounce ты???


      How do I type Ты when you don't provide a cyrillic alphabet keyboard, unless I missed something? I guess I could type it elsewhere and cut and paste the answer. Likewise I feel it would have been better If you had used Russian names, what Russian do you know is named Tim (Timur maybe) or Tom (sounds like tam)? How about Fiodor (Theodore) or Ella if you had to. When you upgrade please for God's sake let us type in Russian.


      i know what it means and all that but the same issues with the R and anna i write it but because it isnt perfectly russian it is wrong but where do i get these russian symbols then so that i can do this


      I type Tbl on my English key board and it is not recognised


      How do you pronounce bI


      Why wouldn't it accept «Ty aktyor?» as a right answer? Is that intentional?


      It should, I think. It did for me


      How do you get a russian keyboard?


      It depends on whether you are using a mobile device or not. On a mobile device, you can go to your keyboard settigs and add an additional language to most devices. Im not sure about a computer or laptop


      Does not change automatically to Russian keyboard - when I change it automatically I can type in the Russian words but when I clik on check it does not respond. If I then click on skip it tells me my answer is wrong when it is correct. Please fix this as it is driving me nuts and I am getting nowhere!!


      I can't write in Russian. How can I resolve this problem?


      The way if found to get around this problem (works for Greek also) is to find a font that you can copy and paste into STICKY NOTES or save in a file, then when you are doing a lesson that asks you to write in Russian, you have the fonts to Copy and paste in your reply. Too bad the Russian course didn't include this.


      So much easier to load in a russian keyboard onto the device. All of this copy and pasting surely takes time.


      Why is е pronounced o in actor? "АстЕр"?


      I don't know how to type Russian characters, and have difficulty knowing which English characters to replace them with. Can anyone help with the second character here, between the "T" and "I" ?


      How tf am I supposed to learn if they give me a "Hard Excercise" in which i cant take the letters from any alphabet inside the app?


      Вы артист? Тоже должно приниматься


      my Cyrillic Keyboard doesn't have the ë letter (just fyi I used the German keyboard to type the ë letter)


      Look where it's placed (first button):


      Actually for me it's on the backwards slash key


      Why is it not актор?


      I don't have the special characters on my PC


      It's simple, yes, but how can i type the correct letter? There are keyboard-shortcuts for the russian letters?


      I wrote ТЬI АКТЁР and it said wrong


      It should be approved, because "ТЬI АКТЁР" is correct.


      If I am trying to add another language to my keyboard to type Russian, which one would I select? I haven't got a clue.


      Whats the difference between актор and актёр


      актор - there is no such word


      How are you suppose to type this on a laptop?? I skipped typing lessons, but I need to continue... any advice moving forward?


      Tbl on my pc keyboard is not accepet


      Because "ты" is needed, not " T B L".


      Why "актёр" and not "актор"?


      Because that's what the word is. Актор would be similar, but the т would not be soft.


      How do you pronounce ты? I hear "tri" but I saw some examples that sounded different


      I can't seem to get this correct? No matter what I do, I even copy-pasted the translation "Ты актёр" directly into the box and it is still rejecting it. The skip button doesn't work either, I just had to cancel the whole lesson...


      I cant write in Russian with cell phone. Only English , i need to be able to skip these but dont see the option


      How do you write in Russian when you are on a computer??


      How to put "Tȳ aktёr?" Correctly? I put some spaces after T, but duo said it was wrong.


      I haven't checked this, but using Roman alphabet "ti akter" should do.


      I found it was from my part. When I used my tablet (android 4.4) it showed as "T aktër" and I had no idea what's it really displayed. But now when I used my phone (android 5.01) it showed correctly.


      How do a make the "bl" symbol? I tried using the "s" key but it just wanted to print an "i" All the Russian keyboard templates say to use the "s" key but it is just not working for me... and when I went ahead with the "i" it was putting up, it marked it as wrong... I really want to use the right characters as well


      If you are on an Android phone then install a Russian keyboard. Once you do that, it should be in the middle of ф and в.


      Really the dots above the e?


      Yes Е and Ё is different letters


      Why do you sometimes use the word в but sometimes not? Like in the sentence if dad is at the subway you use it, but asking if you are an actor you don't use it.


      "В (also written as во)" means "in/at".


      А ты врач? Is it right as well?


      Well... yes, but it's another sentence. ("And are you a doctor?")


      I tried writing Твl but i cant find l required in my russian keyboard. Why ? Its samsung russian keyboard


      That's because there is no "l" «в» is a separate letter from «ы». So you should be writing only two letters to make up the word; «Т-ы.»


      I cant have the е with two dots


      You don't need it. In most Russian speaking countries 'ё' is only there for the sake of showing pronunciation. In Russia, its acceptable to just put 'e' instead.


      i put on тьl актёр but it says im wrong... what did i do wrong?


      There are only two letters in the first word; «т» and «ы», you used a Latin "l" with your Cyrillic, which is wrong I'm afraid.


      Почему ответ только один, оба варианта правильные: "Ты актер?" и "Актёр ты?". Первый более правильный но и второй годится


      it needs more explanation on how to write sentences, if you dont need to put are you, please explain that


      shouldnt it be Tvi because Tbı is Tvi if we change letters according to the alphabet.


      That letter is not a lower case "В" (In Russian This is: в), and an English "I", but it is rather the Russian letter: "ы"; Which roughly transliterates to the oui sound when Romanized. Of course in this you don't want to type Toui, I think you'd probobly be better off spelling it "Ty" or "Ti".

      Hope this helps -РускийДжерманз4Эва


      How do you say thank you in Russian?


      "Thank you" = «Спасибо»


      So what's the difference between п д


      П is the english letter p and д is the letter d


      So is there a formal way of asking way asking ARE you an actor? Which includes the ARE. I tried the following but was marked wrong... есть ты актёр


      You don't need to use "есть", in this type of sentences the verb "to be" is implicit.


      I typed the russian "Есть вы актёр" and it said I got it wrong even though I typed each word "Are" "you" "an actor"


      Because that -is- wrong. In Russian you don't really say; "Are you an Actor?" instead, you'd just go; "You actor?". Meaning that «Ты актер» or «Вы актер» are the correct answers.

      Ты is singular, but also informal and should only be used for someone you know well; family or friends perhaps.

      Вы is plural and formal. Use this for people you don't really know, or if you're not really sure which one you should use. Better safe than sorry.

      If you know French, its sorta like "Tu" and "Vous".


      In present tense, "to be" is usually omitted :)

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