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  5. "The girls are eating apples."

"The girls are eating apples."

Translation:Девочки едят яблоки.

November 5, 2015



What is the difference between ест, ем and едят?


Он ест, я ем and они едят. | He eats, I eat and they eat.


That's conjugation. It exists in quite a few European languages, but not english for the most part. In other languages, the ending of a verb changes depending on who's doing it. The only example of this in english is how when "he/she" is doing the action the end of the verb changes. I'm not very proficient in Russian, but as an example here are the different verb endings in French for manger (to eat)

Je mange (I eat) Tu manges (You eat) Il/elle mange (He/she eats) Nous mangeons (We eat) Vous mangez (Y'all eat) Ils/elles mangent (They eat)

For Russian, what we know right now is

Я ем (I eat) Он ест (He eats) Они едят (They eat)


Is there a difference between девочка and девушка?


девушка is a girl that has reached puberty but still not married. I Guess the last part is more historical.


So девушка is like saying young lady?


I haven't seen the verb кушать used at all on duolingo so far - which do Russians use more often, есть or кушать ?


Кушать is more endearing and often used for childern


you can use both options, you will be understood in any case. but some Russians don't like the word кушать.


I thought the plural of nouns ending in o, e (neuter) is a, я. So I expected that the plural form of яблоко would be яблока. What did I miss? Is this just an exception?


Sorry, it's in the tips and notes of that lesson.

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"Яблоки" is the proper plural of the word "яблоко", I am guessing it's an exception to the rule you cite - I can't think of another one right away. The word closest in sound that comes to mind is "облако" - a cloud, the plural of which is "облака" (with the stress migrating from the first to the last vowel).


I have an idea. In Russian, most of fruits or berries and their trees or bushes has the same name, i.e. "груша" is both a pear and a pear-tree. The same is for "слива", "абрикос", "персик", "рябина", "калина", etc. However, the fruit of an apple-tree and the apple-tree itself have different names: "яблоня" and "яблоко". The plural form of "яблоня" is "яблони". Maybe the plural form of "яблоко" was influenced by the plural form of its tree.


Правильным ответом должен быть "Эти девочки едят яблоки".


Эти = These. The sentence started with "The".


I need Russian Cyrillic letters. How do I get this


For smartphones, Go to your keyboard's language settings and download the Russian keyboard. I use Gboard (Google keyboard) so, for me I held the globe button for a second to show the languages installed. And below the languages was the button for the language settings. Tap. A new screen pops up, tap on add keyboard at the bottom. Find your keyboard. To change your keyboard, hold or press the globe button again.


Why exactly does Duolingo use яблоки instead of яблока? I understand that the tips and notes states that яблоки is an uncommon way of using it, but then why use that version of the word?


You actually need to use plural яблоки. But it's an exception.


This is in fact not an exception. The rule states that all neuter nouns that end in -ко get the plural ending -ки. Облако -ка is an exception to this rule (among others). I admit that it sounds confusing that an exception to a rule gets the regular ending to the majority of the neuter nouns.


Would this litteraly be translated as: Girls eating apples ?


Why I can't use «ту»


I have typed in девочки for the answer multiples times and it still says it is wrong, even though the answer clearly has девочки in the red box. This question is bugged. Please fix it


Why not девчонки?


Потому что это не культурно


Что это значит, културно ?


Why is it Девочки and not Девочкы?


Is едят for a more instantaneous action?


I've been listening to Russian music (mainly older stuff) and in the first line of катюша there's a form of apple that I've never seen I believe яблони can someone tell me what form it is?


Яблони are apple trees.


I almost put Девочки едят девочки I clearly wasn't paying attentionnow I feel bad


Why is Девочки яблоки едят incorrect?


What's the difference between девочки and девушки


Girls and women


Why I can not write эта девочки едят яблок?

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