November 5, 2015

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she sounds pretty enthusiastic about that radio


Will radio means music, music means party, party means vodka!


where does Duolingo get these translations/audios because the speaker is sometimes excited about some words and not about all of them.. why not be excited about them all ..and then record them in different emotions.. thatd be interesting .. jealously "radio."


right? the danish woman gets angry when she finds out that men have potatoes. it's funny though, I guess that helps us remember


probably a text-to-speech agent


radio with or without akcent?


Does Russian not distinguish plural and singular?


It does distinguish between singular and plural. However радио is an indeclinable noun so the spelling stays the same regardless of number or case.


Thank you for the answer, and the term"indeclinable noun". Looking that up was extremely helpful.


Do you know if it is the same for all foreign words? For example "pizza".


More correct pronunce is "radio", not radia


Could you translate it in IPA?


Why is that though


радио=radio and radios?


Yes, радио is an indeclinable noun so spelling does not change


Thanks for clarifying


What make a noun being not declinable?


Radio- радио, radios- радио


Google Translate appears to agree with this.


Can I speak Russian properly if I can't roll my R? I've been trying for about a year now and I just can't grasp it.

<pre> I do not know how essential it is to roll the "R". But there is a trick independant from the language. Use words of your own language with a "dr" or "br" like draw, drew, brew brown and train it. Than speak or think a little "d" before the rolling "R", that my help you. </pre>


Suddenly became a native russian/spainard/dutch...etc thank u sooooooo much cheers


It works! I trained on " the prince of Prussia, and after never having been able to roll an R, I could in just a day.


There are native speakers who can't roll their R's. Lenin, for example, didn't have rolled R. I'd say it's more important to get the difference between "hard" and "soft" (palatalized) consonants.


Could you explain the difference between hard and soft?


I can't roll my 'R''s either. They'll still understand you but it's somewhat like having a small speech impendement. At least according to my Russian S/O and my inlaws. They find my inability to roll my Rs hilarious...:( I just accept the English accent which I shall always have!


You can also develop the muscles for it this way: put a small candy on your tongue near the tip, then fold your tongue over it (you can use your teeth or other parts of your mouth to help if necessary).

Play with the candy like that, folding your tongue over it, until your tongue starts to feel a little warm.

It sounds weird but I do it sometimes (a teacher suggested it to the class once) and it does help. It's like a mini workout for your tongue.


I can't see the link between the tongue and the r (especially rolled, so I guess I completely missed your explanation. If someone can help me?


Try saying the Prince of Prussia a zillion times and it will happen!


Try the candy thing too, even better! (A few posts down)


The only selectable answer was "radios" (plural), so i selected it and got it right.


Dont lean on hints. They often dont put correct ones as you progress and after they have had you practice it enough times. Sometimes you can also check the words below that come up. Otherwise, if you get it wrong, learn from that. Repetition repitition.


Just started the Russian tree, but when I was first introduced to "радио" earlier in this lesson it was spelled with an accent (I believe over the letter "а"). However, here it is not. What are the rules for using accents in Russian writing?


Accents are generally used in material for learners to indicate which vowel is stressed. Otherwise, accents are not used in Russian writing.


Would be cool to have them on words when I learnt English!


How do I know when to pronounce the "o" like an "a"?


Unstressed o are like "a" , is that correct? Stressed o are o. Unstressed a are a? Stressed a are a.


Is "Радио" both plural and singular form of radio?


Yes, it was said by a native in another comment. It's a non declinable noun. So singular and plural are the same.


Why radio is written as радио? Why not родио? As we've learnt unstressed o and a in a syllable is pronounced as a/ah!!!


I was wondering the same thing. To me, the О in Радио sounds like the stressed "Oh" here, even though the А is definitely the stressed vowel. Could it be because radio is an imported Word like Такси which is irregular in several ways, or is the TTS just pronouncing it weird?


The first syllable is stressed, so the first vow must be "a" and not "o" to actually sound like "a".


What are the stress rules? Are there some kind like in Spanish?


man, I hate having to switch between the Russian keyboard and the English, mainly because I don't have Cyrillic letters on my keyboard so i have to memorize the characters SMH


Sadly, you can't learn Russian properly without a Russian keyboard. Except if you handwrite the words you meet. But learning to type in a Russian keyboard (learning to find the letters on the keyboard is better,( it requires training to type at a normal speed).

The easier way is to use Duo on a phone. Swapping keyboards is so easy.


How do we write these answers???? I've had english responses lately but am not sure about the future ones...


Check out this post for some tips on how to install a Russian keyboard on your computer.


I changed my keyboard's language so that i write in russian, but how do i put the intonation marks on the words?


It seems they don't exist in Russian but are only a help for learners?


Does the "o" in Russian supposed to sound like the English o or like the English a. I think. I've heard both?


When o isnt the accented syllable its usually pronounced like a. I've been told o is always pronounced like o in the northern areas. So with радио, its accent is on ра and not on the o. Sounds like RAdya.


Needs phonetic pronunciation because i feel like I'm saying it right but i must be missing something.


How is Р, а, Д, И, О really pronounced in English? Can someone pls tell


Pa=ra like rat,3 letter like d from dover, 4 i like in, O is the same like O boy


how am i suppose to type in Russian with an English keyboard?


Install a Russian keyboard :-) If this really is an obstacle, use https://translit.ru/


Are there capital letters in Russian? I notice some characters resemble capital English letters, such as И in radio, regardless of its placement in a sentence.


Yes. The capital letters are taller. Most look just like their lowercase counterpart, with just a few exceptions.

See: https://www.omniglot.com/images/writing/russian.gif


I typed радй and it still marked it correctly. Does anyone know if the two are interchangeable or is it just on Duolingo?


Sometimes the bot gets impatient and just decides to say correct. There have been times in a sentence or audio I did the first few words and it said correct. Радио is just radio, doesnt change.


Радио or ра́дио?


The accent marks are not used in normal writing in Russian. They only exist in dictionaries and textbooks to show where the stress falls in an unfamiliar word.

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