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My first Beta

Wow, this is my first DL beta. This is so fun I can hardly stand it. I love seeing everyone so excited, and it's crazy learning a new alphabet.

I am so in awe of all the planning and excellent execution of the program, and it's amazing to see folks ripping through the tree. As for me, I will lumber along and do the lessons over and over and over to drill them into my thick skull.

All in all, the Russian team created a Class A superior learning experience. It is evident that they did an astonishing amount of work, for which saying thank you is hardly enough!

November 5, 2015



This is the sixth course I started doing while it was in beta. I am super happy that duolingo finally got Russian. I recall starting Swedish and Turkish the night they got released. I especially remember starting Swedish. It was past midnight, I just got home from sporting, I was super tired but I was so excited that I did the first 5 skills of Swedish anyway.


Wow, 6 betas, that's amazing. You've got a ton of dedication! Best of luck with your language goals.


Thanks so much for your feedback and support!!

I'm really glad you're enjoying our course and good luck with your studies! :)

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