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мой vs моя and cursive question

They are both my and mine, so when is one used over the other? I just got a question wrong for saying мои мама.

I'm not sure if я needs a little hook before it like м and л do? I ask because I've seen it written like that, but since it such a distinctive letter I don't think it needs that differentiator. In any case, I was writing in cursive моя and thinking I needed the little hook, I finished my o up high and when I was forced to go down low to start the little hook, my o ended up looking like an a, if I extend out and curve down low it might look like a г. How do you execute this letter combination without o looking like an a, when it comes before any letter than needs that little hook?

Lastly which are the letters that require the little hook?

November 5, 2015







You can't say "мои мама", you would either say "моя мама"-singular or "мои мамы"-plural


Wow, so it begins the gender game. Sorry I'm just beginning haven't been introduce to this yet. Thank you.


This is how I write моя so that о wouldn't look like а :)

And this is how I write а in cursive:

(Sorry my phone isn't that good to take nice photos, I hope you can see the difference like this too).

And about моя, it's used when the word it refers to is feminine. :) мой is used for masculine, моё-for neuter, and мои-for plural. :)


Thank you very much! Do you pick up the pen to start low on o to move to the little hook, or do you basically go over your o again to not lift off the page? Also is that how a cursive a is traditionally executed in Russia?


You write о so that you could start the hook from below. :) Although, when I was younger I used to go over о to start a hook, but then I realised it was easier to finish о from down then to start the hook. :) Well, this is how Russians thought us to write in cursive, I'm a native Georgian but had some Russian teachers who thought me to write this way. :)


я needs a hook before it :)


Thank you. You know looking at your impressive list of language learning, I noticed I don't have my Russian flag, hopefully once I get to level two I'll get it. But your on level nine already so I know I'm getting good advice.


Good luck with Russian and thank you!

(But my level 9 flag is the French flag ;) I'm on 6 for Russian, but I'm currently taking Russian at my university so I'm hoping to progress a bit faster with that in hand.)


Good luck with Russian as well, thank you!

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