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  5. "Я женщина."

"Я женщина."

Translation:I am a woman.

November 5, 2015



I am curious-- with Russian, how do you tell if something is a question? Is it a tonal thing? Or does it get more complicated as you learn the language?


If there is no question word in the beginning, then yes, only by intonation. Note that TTS is often wrong with intonation.


Text To Speech; the system which Duo uses to pronounce the sentences.


It's a question of intonation and context. No need to worry about it. It's the same in Romantic Languages, and it's very easy to get used to.


For a sentence like this in real life you would have to listen to the intonation. On duolingo you can just look for a question mark.


I am woman, hear me roar!


Is there a reason this could not also be, "I am the woman"?


This would be "Я эта женщина" or something like "Я та женщина, о которой вы говорите" (I am the woman you're talking about".


It makes no sense.

To be more exact, if you mean "I am the woman in question", then «Я женщина» is not what you would say.


What would you say?


With the right context, “I am the woman” seems fine in English. How would you say something like The committee includes three men and one woman. Tom and George are the men, and I am the woman. in Russian?


See olimo's answer. It basically says what you are asking about. His anwer says, "I am the woman about whom you are talking."


What is the difference between ш and щ? I know there is a difference but I just cant detect it.


The literature says it's like "sh" and "Sch" (soft "c")


I believe щ is pronounced like the sh-sound in "shoes" and ш is pronounced like the sh-sound in "shrimp" or "shop". Be aware of how you place your tongue when pronouncing the words, in "shoes" (щ) your tongue is closer to your teeth and in "shrimp" (ш) your tongue glides further back in your mouth. I hope this helps!


Best i can explain is that the щ is like штш


I cannot hear the щ in женщина. It sounds like a simple ш.


It probably should sound that way if you are an English speaker. English does not have anything like Ш. The closest approximation would be pronouncing "sh" with a tongue position a bit like in "r".


It sounds like ŝ (śh) used in Wanka Quechua (one dialect in Quechwa) Is it a retroflex consonant, isn't it?

Initially it was written shr (shrunqu = heart), then changed to śh (śhunqu).


Since "am" is a be verb like "is", why is it not Я--женщина?


Russian and Slovenian language has no articles. That's why I will never really understand when to use the proper article.


I'm reading am i a woman but every time i put it down it says it's wrong? am i doing something wrong for it to say that?


Because there is no question mark there at the end in this case so you would need to put "I am a woman" :) ... Now on an unrelated topic.. love that avatar, Viktor :D


If you tap on "woman" the first translation is "Am I a woman?"


Is there a rule about using щ or шч ?


I typed what I heard "Ya Zhenschina" and I had a "typo". What is the right solution (without having a cyrillic keyboard)? Can anybody help?


Errrm. Is not "щ" normally transliterated as "shch"?


Why is "I am the woman" not accepted?

[deactivated user]

    Because they just said "I - Woman" "Я - женщина", they didn't mention one woman in specific, so it is incorrect to say "the woman". To say "I am the woman", it's : Я Это женщина. Since they didn't say anything before "woman", they're talking about any woman (or a woman).


    It's strange hearing a husky man's voice say "I am a woman". Or maybe that's Lola that The Kinks were singing about, and that's her "dacron voice".


    Background voice...


    who else got the male voice with this one lol


    I'm stumped that I'm lost that I don't know where to go to work on pronunciation. My brain is wrapping itself around the Cyrillic backward capital R sounding like a Y and an H sounding like an N, and all I want to do is have a better foundation on pronouncing the sounds behind the new letters of this different alphabet, but I don't see any hints or tips where to go to to look for answers.


    I would say to pronounce each letter in the word, make sure you are familiar with the russian alphabet. The best way to get a good pronunciation is to speak with a native speaker, so if possible I would try to speak with natives. If you are not able to then you can go online and listen to native speakers talking and try to repeat after them


    Женчина - Женчины, how to use each of them?


    Женщина - Nominative singular

    Женщины - Nominative plural


    Okay. So when I hovered over the words, it said it was a question. But when I typed in the question, it ended up wrong! Whaaaa?


    This Russian language is kind of hard but also easy


    I do just a little Russian everyday. But my main focus so far has been Spanish. Which is funny because my troubles with Spanish are helping me with learning Russian!


    Totally makes sense


    @olimo what is TTS please?


    TTS stands for Text-to-Speech. This is what a voice synthesizer is technically called.

    Nowadays very few "voice synthesizers" on the market actually synthesize voice. The most common way to make a commercial Text-to-Speech engine is to record dozens of hours of a voice talent's spech and then extract many pieces of of voice from there. Effectively, you use a large database of phonemes and allophones, which (in theory) covers all possible sounds found in the words of the language read in any environment with any intonation.

    • in reality some combinations of sounds are fairly rare. The texts recorded for building a TTS are carefully designed to cover even the rarest sounds. Still, a language naturally uses some sounds way more often that others, so you need thousands of sentences to get a good coverage of less common sounds in different environments.

    Another way is to use HMM (hidden markov models) to "teach" the engine how to synthesize sounds using hours and hours of recording as a role model. It usually ends up being more monotone and robotic (though, less prone to "broken tape recorder" effect), so few synths for sale use it. The free engine RH Voice uses such method.


    Cool! Thanks for this info!!


    What the differences between Woman and Women.. I always get this wrong.


    "Woman" is a single (female) person; "women" is more than one...


    Now here why are you not using "я являюсь" for "i am a" ?


    Because it hasn't been taught yet?

    Plus, Wiktionary at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D1%8F%D0%B2%D0%BB%D1%8F%D1%82%D1%8C%D1%81%D1%8F#Russian indicates that this is a third meaning, so somewhat low on the list of likely meanings.

    Plus, it takes instrumental, which I don't think has been taught yet, either.


    I can't tell when to include 'a' 'the' etc


    The Russian word for woman seems to be similar to the Portuguese "Gente" meaning people. Probably derived from Latin/Greek?


    No, that particular "жен" is just a coincidence.


    It is perhaps more likely to be related to Ancient Greek "γυνή", which is at the root of English words such as "gynaecology".

    For more details, including the word's various pronunciations, take a look at: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CE%B3%CF%85%CE%BD%CE%AE


    It won't let me go even if i type "I am a women." it say THATS NOT CORRECT and shows the right answer and it says "I am a women."


    "Woman" is a single (female) person; "women" is more than one...

    Therefore "I am" requires "womAn", not "womEn".


    What is the differents between ш and щ


    I think is not correct for learners that when we are learning a new phrase like "I'm a woman" it is said by a man, I got confused with the sentence because of this, I wrote the incorrect sentence. :(


    Not exactly convincing if the TTS is with a male voice lmao


    What the hell is this?? Will you please make me understand what's happening??


    This felt weird.


    I cannot finish this question because its sayinf not correct vut my answer is correct how do i fix this ?


    I cannot complete this question because it says its incorrect even tho it is not. Can this be fixed ?


    Why is it sayinf im incorrect when im not i cant finish this.?


    I put 'am I a woman', how does that not count??


    It's not a question, if it was a question then that would work


    My answer is the same


    How are we supposed to know if it is woman and not women???!


    the end of the word, it decides most things about the word


    i put 'a woman' because there was only 1 a and it marked me wrong


    I wrote I am women and it's wrong...


    It is not pluralized, женщина is woman (singular), the plural version would be женщины


    Why "I am woman" -- without the article "a" -- is not right?

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