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Hey, this "tomcat" is a girl! (Picture error ;-) )

Reported already, but I thought it was funny...

The picture for "кот" (tomcat) in the Russian for English course is almost certainly of a girl cat. ;-) Three-colored cats (white, black, and orange, i.e. tortoiseshells and calicos), are nearly always girls. It might help other cat lovers to consider making sure that the picture of the tomcat is not a picture of a girl cat. That said, that pic might be great for "кошка." ;-)

November 5, 2015



Thanks, I disabled it now.


No problem. It put a smile on my face, anyway. ;-)


If it turns out to be a photo of that one tri-coloured male chimera cat, I will give Team Russian a standing ovation.


You're really observant to notice that. :) Nice work!


I am owned by two tortie girls at home, so it was something I couldn't help spotting. :-D


Good catch :) get all the details here: Cat coat genetics at Wikipedia


How did....?? Ooh my god!!! You looked!!! ;).


Similarly, ginger cats are usually boys. So, when I got two ginger kittens, naturally I assumed I had a pair of toms. Until... let's just say that one of them developed rather over-dramatically in certain areas, and the other one didn't at all. The latter was quickly and in rather embarrassed fashion renamed Heidi, and Heidi she was for the rest of her long and happy life. :-)

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