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  5. "У меня нет матери."

"У меня нет матери."

Translation:I have no mother.

November 5, 2015


[deactivated user]


    How do you get pics to show like that?




    You know, Bruce had to train his facial muscles for years to be able to twist the eyeholes in his cowl to make shapes that match his internal feelings (or, of course, whatever he wants the bad guys to think that his internal feelings are). People often don't realize how dedicated Batman is to his craft!


    The well-known Russian song dedicated to the orphans of 20s and 30s - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZuM1JFw9N8


    It's interesting that in Slovak we have the same word for mother but it sounds either a little offensive or is only used in literature.


    I'm interested, in what way does it sound offensive?


    In Czech it is usual to use more familiar words for mother and father. If you use the formal ones it can be offensive - maybe because it means there is no positive emotional relation. The situation in Slovak is certainly similar to the Czech one.


    Do you mean when talking to them or about them? I wonder if there is a slight similarity to that in English?

    When speaking about them to friends and family you'd more likely use the informal versions and use the formal versions when speaking about them to strangers or authorities, etc.

    When addressing them directly the formal would typically be used when you're angry or have a strong emotion.

    Or is the formal version offensive even when speaking about them to strangers?


    That makes sense. In English something like "Hello, mother," can sound too formal and imply that you don't have a close relationship - compared to "Hi, mom."


    What is the difference between мама and матери?


    Матери is the genitive of мать (i think) and the difference between мать and мама is the same as "mother" and "mom". One is more formal.


    While the grammar makes sense, this is a physical impossibility


    Each time you find a horse reading or mice decorating their bedroom, there are physical impossibilities. I am not sure why this one would sound more strange than the other ones.


    Exactly! And I heard in the Swedish course there are ants falling in love with spiders! You hear nobody about those eco-social impossibilities now do you?


    Maybe the mother died


    Indeed! Or maybe it's a robot speaking.


    Why is this lesson so sad?


    Feel free to make a better lesson with blackjack and hookers. ;)


    Don't forget the водка, шашлик, и семечки!


    Yeah, the difference between hearing "И" and "Ы" is tough for me as well


    Which is your native language? English [ɪ] and [iː] (mill vs. meal) are substantially closer to each other than ы and и.

    They are even easier to tell apart after л since Russian л sounds very different depending on its palatalisation: frankly, to a speaker of English or German the L in Russian лампа does not sound much like an L at all.


    @Shady_arc Sadly, Greenlandic. Although I learned English at an extremely young age. Anyways, thanks for this Russian course, I have been enjoying it very much!


    Укуси мой блестящий металлический зад !


    what is the difference between меня and мне?


    they're different cases. The former is genitive, dealing with possession, and the latter is dative (I believe), which deals with a recipient.


    The former is both genitive (dealing with possession) and accusative (dealing with direct objects), while the latter is dative (dealing with indirect objects, such as recipients).


    У кого нет матери? У всех есть мать!


    Isn't матери = mothers?


    Correct, матери is the nominative plural, but it's also the singular genitive form. This is pretty common for feminine nouns to have the genitive singular and nominative plural match. "They have no mothers" would be матерей - genitive plural.


    I don't have a mother marked incorrect?


    That reminded me of Sergei Yesenin "Письмо матери" What is the case of Матери by the way?


    For those who think the phrase is too sad, you can think in the spanish meaning (not literal) of the sentence "No tengo madre" which roughly translates as "I am a Scoundrel/❤❤❤❤❤❤❤/❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤..."


    Я начал жизнь в трущобах городских

    И добрых слов я не слыхал.

    Когда ласкали вы детей своих,

    Я есть просил, я замерзал.

    И увидав меня не прячьте взгляд,

    Ведь я ни в чём, ни в чём не виноват.

    За что вы бросили меня, за что?

    Где мой очаг, где мой ночлег?

    Не признаёте вы моё родство,

    А я ваш брат, я - человек!

    Вы вечно молитесь своим богам,

    И ваши боги всё прощают вам.

    Край небоскрёбов и роскошных вилл,

    Из окон бьёт слепящий свет.

    О, если б мне хоть раз набраться сил,

    Вы б дали мне за всё ответ.

    Откройте двери, люди, я - ваш брат,

    Ведь я ни в чём, ни в чём не виноват.

    Вы знали ласки матерей родных,

    А я не знал и лишь во сне,

    В моих мечтаньях детских золотых

    Мать иногда являлась мне.

    О, мама, если бы найти тебя,

    Была б не так горька моя судьба.


    How do I get rid of typos?


    press f to pay respects

    im a poor man trying to get lingots

    Polish is my first language though I speak english like an american (I was born in the US) and i still live in the US. Im learning russian and need some good good lingots thank you bye debil


    We all have mother, otherwise we wouldn't be here :D


    Why does Duolingo make so bad question?

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