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  5. "I saw everything."

"I saw everything."

Translation:Я видела всё.

November 5, 2015



Isnt увидела also acceptable?

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It definitely should be


Do you need to explicitly state the subject when speaking (as in a conversation) in the past tense? I understand that, for example, "видел" could mean: I saw (masc.), you saw (masc.), he saw, but is just saying "Видел" instead of "Я видел" acceptable in the context of an actual conversation or would you always state your subject also?


The subject can be dropped in the context of conversation:

  • Я всё видела. - I saw everything.
  • (ты) Видела и (ты) не сказала нам? - You saw but didn't tell us?


What is the difference between ВСЕ и ВСЕ:?


все = everyone всё = everything


AFAIK russians would rather say « всё я видел », is it not correct ?

  • "Я всё видел." - I saw everything, I am a witness. (neutral)
  • "Я видел всё." - I saw everything. (the emphasize goes to "всё")
  • "Всё я видел." - I saw everything, I have enough information and I have my own opinion on that, why do you have any doubts and are trying to change my mind?"

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    Why not весь?

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