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Latin or Cyrillic

So, I'm kind of divided about wether do type in Latin or Cyrillic. Right now I'm typing in Cyrillic.

What would be the pros and cons? Every Russian website I visit is in Cyrillic, so why even learn it in Latin? Am I missing something?

November 5, 2015



I don't see any sence in learning Russian in Latin transcription as you would hardly able to use it in a real life, as the whole stuff in Russia is written in Cyrillic, not only the websites :) The alphabet is not difficult at all, even if it may look weird. Think about all the Russians who have to learn Latin letters :D


Cyrillic all the way.

If you were Russian, would you want to learn English using only a Cyrillic keyboard? That's just silly.

And it's silly to learn Russian using Latin.


I'd say it's best to stick with Cyrillic.

The Latin option is more for people who don't know Cyrillic or have trouble typing in Cyrillic.


If you've started in Cyrillic, I honestly see no reason to change. It would be a step backwards. Stick with the Cyrillic, you will be grateful in the long run!


Только кириллица! (Cyrillic only) :)


Thanks, both of you! I have no knowledge of Cyrillic, but I started with it, and are slowly learning the alphabet :)


Only Russian learners use Latin. And they shouldn't use it even then... or should strive to use Cyrillic as quickly as possible.

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