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  5. "The boy is going to school."

"The boy is going to school."

Translation:Мальчик идёт в школу.

November 5, 2015



Does the accusative case ending trump the prepositional case? As wouldn't школу otherwise be школе when combined with в?


В/на are used with Prepositional when they mean place of action of where something is.

В/на are used with Accusative when they mean the direction of motion or action.


Thanks for the quick reply!


Ha ! I had the same question in an other topic ! Thank you for the clarification... I should have paid more attention to words in bold from the "Prepositional case" lesson ! :)


Also it means an intention before the action. Мальчик пойдет в школу. Мальчик собирается в школу Мальчик собирается пойти в школу. Isn't it?

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