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  5. "I like to watch TV with him."

"I like to watch TV with him."

Translation:Я люблю смотреть с ним телевизор.

November 5, 2015



Why is it incorrect to say «Мы с ним любим смотреть телевизор»?


I'm curious whether I'm simply misremembering. To me смотреть телевизор comes off kind of like looking at the TV set, as opposed to watching a programme on it, and I don't know if it's something that's changed/become acceptable or what. I remember learning stuff like телевизор не работает, but смотреть телевидение.

I have basically mislaid all my books (which is part of the reason I've been eagerly awaiting this course!) and can't check a thing, so can anyone tell me, is телевидение acceptable? Does it mean something slightly different? Am I just making things up? ;)

To me, as far as I remember, it means the stuff one watches on the television set, but my memory is terribly fallible and I don't know where to start looking to figure out what I'm remembering right or wrong.


"Смотреть телевидение" is not idiomatic (anymore?) in modern language by two orders of magnitude. Still, having run a search through RNC, I can see several people 50–90 years old who used it.

Nowadays, I think, it would be considered rather fancy, or, maybe, akin to a phrase used in a discussion about society. In the language I speak now телевидение, I guess, is a more abstract word, mainly meaning one of the following:

  • TV broadcasting as a whole. TElevision of a certain country or age.
  • Television as a medium
  • the concept of transmitting broadcasts (television as a technology)

Thus, if anyone used "люди смотрят телевидение", my interpretation would probably be influenced by these meanings.


Ahhh okay! This totally makes sense, thanks :D Probably picked up from older teachers and my Russian хозяйка!


Do you use ТВ abbreviation?


We do, in some contexts. However, it is quite rare in colloquial speech, especially as a standalone word. ТВ is sometimes used as a formal abbreviation or a component of some other terms. For example, Russia has channels "ТВ Центр" and "ТВ 3".


"мне нравится смотреть телевизор с ним" is wrong?


No, it is also accepted.


It wasn't! According to the message I needed to write "я люблю"


Nothing to do with the case we're on but the doubt came to me; my girlfriend and her cousins(I haven't had much contact with any other Russians) commonly type нрава instead of нраваться, and норм instead of нормально, are this kind of abbreviations normal(at least on internet and messaging)? I suppose is not normal on speech.


Норм is common in messaging. I think I even used it in speech now and then. Нрава is only used by some people. To my taste, нрава sounds really ugly and springs to your mind a picture of a modern valley girl with a beer in hand. Нра and лю, I think, are more neutral—though still look like slang used by people who send SMS a lot (=stereotypical young girl).


Well, Olya's family is from Alapayevsk and Asbest(although they live in Yekaterinburg) I dont know if they are considered countryside, but they sure use these a lot lol


Why isn't Мне нравится с ним телевизор смотреть an acceptable order?


"I like with him TV to watch"? Don't know if one can say this in english but not in russian. Except you are Yoda ;-)


Do they say "ess" for с?


They don't. In turtle mode Duolingo pronounces single letter words as their alphabet word (e.g. pronouncing "w" as "double you"). It's very unlikely they'll fix this.


Глаголы любить и нравиться имеют разный оттенок в русском, тут должно быть - Мне нравиться смотреть...


Why not "меня нравится смотрет телевизор с ним"?


Is я люблю смотреть телевизор с неи wrong?


It should be с ним.


Why does one смотреть телевизор but смотреть на most other things?

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