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"She smiled when the dog came home."

Translation:Hun smilte da hunden kom hjem.

November 5, 2015



Når can't be used instead of da in this sentence?


Not unless you read the English sentence as meaning:

"She always smiled when the dog came home."

da: once in the past
når: in the future, or habitually at any point in time


I just want to add that this rule is somewhat unique to Bokmål as a written language and is not always present in speech.


Meaning I can only WRITE da if I meant something in the past but I can SAY either da or når regardless of what I meant?


No, they are not interchangeable, but it's common in some dialects to use 'når' in cases where 'da' would be used in Bokmål.

"When I was at the store"

"Da jeg var på butikken" or "Når jeg var på butikken"


"When I grow up/When I get big":

"Når jeg blir stor" != Da jeg blir stor"(incorrect in text and speech)

Also, da/når do have several different meanings, and it's only in certain contexts where 'da' can be replaced by 'når'.

"I'll do it then"

"Jeg vil gjøre det da" != "Jeg vil gjøre det når"(incorrect in text an speech)

I'm just pointing out in case someone ever hears anyone say this and can be prepared of its ambiguous meaning.

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