"Ben Yunanistan'a gidiyorum."

Translation:I am going to Greece.

November 5, 2015

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Can someone explain to me how we cut this word I think it is like that (Yunan is tan 'a )I can't get it what is the job for "is"-"tan"-"'a" so hard grammar :'( :'( :- o_O I am gonna to kill my self


oh please don't :) that's not Turkish grammar. -istan is a Persian suffix, we just took it as it is :)


but we call it Yunan not Yunanistan


And how do you say "I'm going to Turkey"? Türkiye'ya gidiyorum?


In reality is " Türkiye'YE gidiyorum" (remember vowel harmony)


How'd say İ am going to İstanbul? 'Ben İstanbul'u gidiyorum'?


Wrong case :) İstanbul'a gidiyorum


Thanks, Alex! :)


"Ben Yunanistan'a gidiyorum." Translation: I am going to Greece.

True story:

My English friend from London is fanatical about the "Turkish Stars." The Turkish equivalent of the "Red arrows" & was stopped in Greece at passport control because the previous year he had visited Turkey to see the Turkish Stars. He even knows the names of the pilots? We teased him on his return to London by saying we contacted the London Greek embassy to say he was a "spy." Serious matter to joke about. Apparently Greek civil airports are used by the Greek air force. Their (obsolete) bi - planes can be seen by everybody was his comment. That's a joke by the way. Mine not my friends. Apparently when the Greek & Turkish armed forces are on joint NATO manoeuvres it is an amazing sight to see.


Why Greece is called Yunanistan? This word is coming from the ancient district of Ionia, that is one part of western part of Turkey in that time. There were a lot of Ancient Greek colonies in there, as it is Smyrna, modern Izmir, Ephesus (now it is an important archaeological site in Turkey etc. The Persians and the Arabs used this name first.


Istan means the place or the earth of Younan


So yunanistan will be the place or land of or country of the yunans=ionians=greeks Tajikistan will be the country of the tajiks Uzbekistan will be the country of the uzbeks and so on


I was just wondering why Greece would be Yunanistan... Sorry I'm horrible in history XD




I was just wondering why Greece would be Yunanistan... Sorry I'm horrible in history XD

Have you completed the Turkish "Nations" topic on Duo?

"Yunanistan Türkiye'nin yanında." Translation: Greece is next to Turkey.

I am going to Greece. Meaning: Ben Yunanistan'a gidiyorum.

I cannot answer your question & will ask my Greek Cypriot friends on Duo for help.

Thank you




crystalliu647 - I was just wondering why Greece would be Yunanistan... Sorry I'm horrible in history XD

Sotirakis1 - Please can you help to answer this question?

Thank you

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