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  5. "Broren min bestemte alt."

"Broren min bestemte alt."

Translation:My brother decided everything.

November 5, 2015



Isn't å bestemme reflexive? Shouldn't there be a seg here?


There are two versions of the verb.

"Å bestemme seg" is perhaps most easily understood as "to make up one's mind" or "to [come to/arrive at] a decision", but is in many cases translated as a simple "to decide".

"Å bestemme" is used as in the Norwegian sentence above, meaning "to make decisions", "to decide".


I hear a 'p' in her pronunciation of bestemte. Is that correct?


It's because it's a nasal+ plosive cluster: http://seas3.elte.hu/phono/notes/nasalplosiveclusters.html

Think in English "dreamt". There is no "p" but because of the plosive sound it makes a "p" sound.

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