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  5. "I am lying on my back."

"I am lying on my back."

Translation:Я лежу на спине.

November 5, 2015



"Я лежу на своей спине" didn't work.


Yes! I am wondering if (and why) this is wrong


same problem here


I understand that in Russian, possessive pronouns are rarely ever used with body parts, it is automatically assumed that you are talking about your own back here. If that weren't the case, you'd have to specify that it was someone else's. The same way you would never hear "У меня болит своя голова" normally for "my head hurts"


That's not equivalent. У меня already implies that it's your head you're talking about, making своя redundant


for some reason this has me thinking of как левёнок и черепаха пели песню (which I apologise if I've misspelled); я на солнышке лежу...? крокодил-дил-дил плывет... okay I only remember bits of it, evidently, I must go find if and watch it...


Same here :-) It's "львёнок".


Glad it's not just me! I love that cartoon, so silly but so cute :D

And bah, I had a feeling that wasn't right but couldn't think how else to write it. I'm getting there... slowly!


When спина was introduced earlier in this lesson, the first definition given on hover was "spine". I used "spine" in my answer and was marked wrong. Now I have found the word in my dictionary, and "spine" is not given as a definition - only "back". This dictionary gives a very different word for "spine". Why did DL give us "spine" as a definition if dictionaries do not support it and DL itself does not accept it as an answer?


Вариант ответа: "Я пробовала лежа". это что-то...

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