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Strengthen skills

How does this work? Is this described somewhere? If I hit the strengthen skills button, does it choose questions depending on my current skills. Or do I have to click a particular level/excercise I have done and then the strengthen skills question relate to that selected level? Will the circle around the lessons (it goes from yellow to red) indicate the strength of my skills? (ie changing color?) Thank you

November 5, 2015



Gold indicates full strength. However, even then you can keep strengthening it to get it to stay gold longer.

There is some sort of skill strength algorithms. Unfortunately, I don't know much about algorithms. But what influences your skill strength are things like time spent practicing, getting answers right or wrong, peaking at answers by hovering over words, and I believe even how long it takes you to answer something.

If you click on a Strengthen skill inside of a specific skill, you will receive more questions related to that skill. If you click strengthen skill outside of a skill, such as to the right of your skill tree/course, it will randomly pick some things to work on that it thinks could use some attention.

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