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Russian wordlist

Hi people,

A few days ago I started, like many, with Russian. A challenging language with a new alphabet (currently learning the keyboard here). Right now I have learned 100 words but I am missing the wordlist. Especially because the words are more difficult to remember, due to the Cyrillics scripts, it would be convenient to have overview of the learned words. What are your thoughts?

November 5, 2015



I agree that a word list would be helpful. :)

In the meantime, what I'm doing is writing out the new words in my own notebook for future reference as well as the associated grammar given beneath the lessons. I find that quite helpful! It's also a good opportunity for me to practice my handwriting :p


Writing down is actually a good idea! Thanks!


Yes, not only do you have the words available for future reference, but for many people (including me) the act, itself, of writing helps w/ memorizing--even more so if the words are said aloud, too.


From my experiance it lasts very long until the wordlist is added even with courses in stable state. On the computer you may do the following for getting a nearly full list. You can even do flashcard exercices with this list.

Open duo with a language-course which contains words in the menue.

Open a second window with the course which has no words item.

Go back to the first window and press words.

You'll get the wordlist from the second course.


Oh man, I agree with scatophage wholeheartedly, this is brilliant!!


23rd October 2017 - This trick no longer works. It throwns an error message that the page doesn't exist.


Just tried it for Vietnamese, using Spanish, it worked for me


it is an awesome script bug :-D


They don't have it in Ukrainian either, i think it comes out when the course is completed.


check the first comment in this section

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