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  5. "Nós queremos uma moto."

"Nós queremos uma moto."

Translation:We want a motorcycle.

November 21, 2013


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Is moto feminine? It was paired with uma, instead of um.


I think Paulo was sleepy when he answered. :-) It is feminine and that's more obvious when it is written in full "motocicleta".


hahahaha maybe!! :P thanks for pointing that out!!

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Thank you. It makes more sense now that I know moto is an abbreviation for motocicleta!


after hearing the audio I typed "nos querimos uma moto" and got it right. it didn't tell me I made a typo or show me the correct transcription including the accent I forgot. I'm glad it counted it right but I wish I didn't have to navigate to an entirely separate page to double check my spelling all the time.


Yes, it's really annoying. I got caught several times when I was not sure if a word has an accent or not, didn't use the accent and it was accepted. Having thus learnt there was no accent I didn't use one the next time only to be told I should have had!

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