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Is the clock in timed practice inconsequential?

You get a point per right answer, but you don't get any points for beating the clock in timed practice. Also you get the points even if you don't finish the practice on time. This actually misses the point of timed practice because no matter how many right or wrong answers or if you do it on time or not you still get the points. The only thing that the clock gives you is more time to do another question but this can also be achieved by just doing another timed practice if you run out of time (and you can do as many as you want and so you actually never run out of time!). Thus hurrying to finish under time doesn't gives you anything causing the clock to be inconsequential since it doesn't add anything as an incentive. At most is only a psychological pressure but it stops being so when you understand its lack of implication. I would like to see penalties and bonuses concerning the clock to improve the feature's gameplay and thus making it a more appealing feature to use and consequently to learn.

As always greetings to all.

January 7, 2013



I think the incentive is getting 20 tokens in less than 3 minutes which is good going I think. In saying that I'd like some sort of incentives for finishing with time to spare say 1 token per 10 seconds or something. I remember the first time I finished with 1min to spare (which despite doing it a number of times now is still really difficult) and the clock at the end filled all the way up, when that happened I expected some sort of bonus but no. So yeah bonuses for finishing quicker would be welcomed.


what about slow or imperfect typing? Also: some exercises show more time (e.g. 3.26 minutes ) but when you click on the timed exercise, it is ALWAYS giving you 2 minutes


I don't know what you mean by exercises showing more time or only getting 2 minutes. The way imed practice works for me: you get 30 seconds on the clock and for each correct answer get you one token and 7 seconds of added time the trick is to get 20 tokens with time to spare. I've never seen any other variation of this


Hi Gcoid,

I haven't seen my program work the way that you describe.

I am referring to the "Bonus rounds";

e.g. http://duolingo.com/#/skill/it/Food

There I got 3 bonus rounds. They show the time on the icon as "Time: 3:00, 3:25 and 2:35." However, when I open them up, they only give me 2:00 minutes. The "normal" rounds don't show any time on the icon; when I open them up to do the exercises, I get 2:00 minutes max. In both cases, I can answer questions after that, but they are not counted.

Hope this clarifies things.

I use a Mac computer. I wonder if that has anything to do with this.

Best wishes!


I use a mac too and I'm guessing that we're in two different test groups because I've never had a bonus round

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