"The girl is going to the school even though she wants to sleep."

Translation:Девочка идёт в школу, хотя и хочет спать.

November 5, 2015

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I typed in "Девочка идёт в школу хотя и она хочет спать" I was wondering, does the и replace the pronoun or is this correct?


If you use хотя и instead of хотя here, you can either remove the pronoun or put it between хотя and и. И doesn't replace the pronoun, it's just a part of the conjunction. Your answer isn't correct here though. It means that "the girl is going to (the?) school, even though she wants to sleep, too".


So, Девочка идет у школу, хотя она хочет спать is fine and Девочка идет у школу, хотя она и хочет спать as well?


yes, both should be accepted here. except it's в школу, not у.


Thanks. ( v vs u is just a native language slip)

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