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"Aquele instituto não oferece curso de português."

Translation:That institute does not offer a Portuguese course.

November 21, 2013



Correct English would be "a course IN Portuguese" rather than "of", please change this to be rejected and denied respectively.


Why is 'um' not needed prior to 'curso'? ...oferece UM curso de.......???


It is optional.


What is the difference for Portuguese speakers between an institute and an institution? When would you use one instead of the other?


INSTITUTION is a very general word referring to an organized enterprise involved with some social function, such as health, education, welfare, research, or penal reform. It is usually not for profit. Hence it turns up mostly in phrases such as mental institution or educational institution. Used alone as in "he spent two years in an institution" it is shorthand for a mental hospital. So be careful of context. We wouldn't use it to refer to a company or a government department. ALSO it can mean set of customs or practices, a social construct, such as "the instution of marriage." An INSTITUTE is an institution specifically with some teaching or research function and has a physical location and employs a faculty or group of "fellows."


You got me there.....I have no idea.

I can't assure, but "o instituto" makes me think of "studying/researching" entities.

And "a instituição" makes me think of "charity and social services".


“Doesn’t have class of Portuguese”? What the hell does that even mean? Reported ! They’ll do anything, even mark correct answers wrong in order to not let you test out!

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