"We have seven kinds."

Translation:Vi har sju sorter.

November 5, 2015

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Are type and sort interchangeable?


I know that this course is in Bokmål, but why aren't syv and tyv accepted as 7 and 20, respectively?


"Syv" is accepted, for anything but listening exercises.

"Tyve" is not, as it's not listed as an acceptable alternative to "tjue" in the dictionary anymore.


'tyve' is accepted in Riksmål, a more conservative form of Bokmål.

It seems 'tyve' and 'tredve' was accepted in Bokmål 2003-2005, and 'syv' still remains. You could probably used them without trouble in Norway, but as there is a strive to use the correct forms as often as possible in this course, they shouldn't be accepted.

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