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  5. "Good morning, Anna."

"Good morning, Anna."

Translation:Доброе утро, Анна.

November 5, 2015



What is the difference between "Доброе утро" and "Добрый утро"? Thank you!


Утро is neuter, you can't change it. So you have to use доброе with it, because добрый can be used only with other masculine words like день or вечер.

So: "Добрый утро" doesn't exist.


The first version is correct, and in the second version the adjective (добрый) does not agree with the gender of the noun (утро, neuter).


FYI: In Russian, you can use a short answer:

  • Доброе утро!
  • Доброе!

This reminds me of the English pattern of "Good morning! - Morning!", but sort of the other way around. Note that you shorten only the answer, not the initial greeting.


How does the pronunciation differ between добрый and доброе? I'm having a hard time saying доброе.


Why can't I use хорошо or some form of it, instead of доброе? TIA :)


Why it is so complicated. Althoug you people are giving your best efforts to make us know language easily. But still,some more clarrification should given for using of various leter and gender of noun in russian way


It's not complicated, you just need to remember of gender of question, when you ask or tell. Any phrase you can check by a gender question. For example: "Зимний лес". Male gender, and control question is "КАКОЙ лес?". Last letters in КАКОЙ shows you that you need to use "Зимний" and not "Зимняя" (КАКАЯ) or "Зимнее" (КАКОЕ). I hope it helps you.


I can't type in Russian.


Привет it is hay


You mean "Hey!", not "hay".


Yes. As we say in the United States: "Hay is for horses!".

[deactivated user]

    Доброе/добрыи. When does the end change in the sentence?


    Erm, is it weird that one of the choices for me translated to "Good morning, Sushi?"


    Okay so, I am typing in Russian on my English QWERTY keyboard, "Good morning, Anna." But it comes out as, "Пщщв ьщктштп Фттф", what gives?


    why not? спокойной утро анна


    We only say "спокойной ночи", wishing a peaceful night with good sleep.

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