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  5. "Эти актёры уже в такси."

"Эти актёры уже в такси."

Translation:These actors are already in the taxi.

November 5, 2015



Shouldn't "Those actors are already in the taxis" also be an acceptable answer? As far as I know there is no distinction between taxi and taxis in Russian. Both are spelled такси and the sentence is unclear if there are 2 actors or 10. So maybe they need more cars.


Yes, this is fine, too. "Those", however, would be "те", not "эти", though in some cases these words are interchangeable in Russian.


For what it's worth, it accepted "Those actors are already in the taxi".


Are words always so blended in when speaking russian? Id like to hear/practice speaking to a native russian verbally rather than text, because I feel my russian reading comprehension has increased by a long shot, although i feel if the text were not in front of me i wouldnt be able to understand as much of this at all... Any suggestions on how i should go about this? I tried watching a russian show on youtube, but soon discovered the obvious, way more than half of what they were saying I didnt learn yet, i caugh few bits and peices but I was lost for 95% of the first episode. Again, any sugguestions? Id lile to speak and comprehend russian verbally not only through reading. Ive learned crylic decently, just have spelling errors sort of often..


There are audio focused and audio only courses. If you have access to a library you should look into the Michael Thomas courses or a learn in your car course.

I personally things like radio plays or audio dramas better. The BBC for example has some drama like audio courses.

Sites like podbay.fm and podbean.com were a good help for me in finding a language podcast.


I bet 5 lingots jenny will also forget she left the actors in the taxi... Together with the children and the towels


Why isn't "The actors.." not accepted?


эти is a demonstrative adjective, not a definite article. It always means "these" (or "those") [things]. To say "The actors are already in the taxi," you say, "Актёры уже в такси," since Russian doesn't use definite articles (or indefinite ones, for that matter).


I wish the mobile app had these types of lesson/instructions included!!


How would you differentiate between "in the taxi" (actually inside the car) and "at the taxi" (perhaps waiting outside it)?


"These actresses" is not correct?


No, this is "эти актрисы". Actor = актёр, actress = актриса.


Forgot to add the "s" in "actors" and got it completely wrong instead of a typo. Dang.


The sentance in English is very unnatural


It really isn't.
Jenny says 'I lost them again, where are these actors?'
Кirill, the lead actor, sticks his head out the car window and says 'these actors are already in the taxi' .

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