"My words are hard to believe."

Translation:Моим словам трудно верить.

November 5, 2015

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The preferred answer vs. "Трудно верить моим словам". Shouldn't both be accepted? They come out the same way in English.


Your choice should be accepted. Use the report button next time


trust me I do. When a long time passes and the same answer isn't taken, I'll post on these threads to attract attention to it.


Got it wrong the exactly same way :/


I'm pretty sure it's not wrong though. Did you report yours?


I think so, yeah. Maybe?


I also had this answer rejected, 6 years after your comment.


I dont understand why the слово is in dative. Can somebody explain?


Because the way this sentence is constructed in Russian can be translated as: ' It is hard to believe to my words'. If you were to use nominative case, 'the words' would be the subject: 'my words believe hard'.


I think трудно is the reason. We did надо/нужно in the last lesson, but there are apparently more permission words. Можно, нельзя, легко, & тудно also use dative. Мне трудно говорить по-русски. But then, as Jeffrey855877 points out верить does dative too. поверь мне.


Imho, поверить is more suitable here. Like моим словам трудно поверить or трудно поверить в то, что я говорю.


трудно верить моим словам it is wrong ?


Nothing wrong, but a better phrase is: Трудно поверить моим словам.

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Why is верить not conjugated? What about Мои слова трудно верят.?


It's "to believe", which is the infinitive form. Your sentence is more like "My words believe hard"


Would моим словам трудны верить be incorrect? "My words are hard to believe" implies that "hard" is modifying "my words", which is plural. But трудно also makes sense for the english equivalent "It is hard to believe my words".


Duo, you have still big prblems with the word order. The word order is much more variable than in English.


Is this some kind of idiom? Would you use this expression to introduce an incredible content or in which situation would you use it?


It's more like "I've lied to you in the past a lot and I understand you'll have a hard time believing what I'm about to say" due to the specific emphasis on моим словам and the sentence being in present tense.

When you're saying something in-credible, the better option would be в это трудно поверить, но... - "this is hard to believe, but..." (yes, this breaks the rule of translating believe something/believe in something)

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Моим словам тяжело поверить. Это правильно! Как же бесят эти корявые переводы с гугл-переводчика, под которые создатели пытаются подстроить русский язык


Can't we use the word это in this sentence? Maybe like: Это трудно верить моим словам


Is the speaker admitting that he is a liar, or just that the story he is telling is hard to believe?

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