"We went to a park."

Translation:Ми ходили у парк.

November 5, 2015

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why is "їздили" wrong here?


Most likely, with cities everywhere too big to walk everywhere, one would rather їздили" до парку, than khodyly, and definitely до парку sounds more Ukrainian than u park. I used to be bilingual with Ukrainian one of my languages, but after living abroad for years, have to take this class to renew my Ukrainian.


Not a native Ukrainian speaker, but according to the book Beginner's Ukrainian, Їздити means "to go somewhere by vehicle." Ходити means "to go" so in this sentence I would guess that they could have just walked to the movies. I'm not sure why Ukrainian works this way. A native speaker can probably give a better answer.


It is a Slavic thing to distinguish, if one walks somewhere or uses a transportation, with different words for the both notions. Having 4 Slavic languages behind my belt and learning the 5th and 6th of them, I dare generalize about that.


I am native Ukrainian speaker)))). Why wrong...I don't know. Try to write to report.


Why was "Ми йшли в парк" (the verb йшли) marked as wrong?

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