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Indicate gender of nouns in hints

I know it would be a lot of work to go back and add this to the hints for all the nouns in the course, especially in all their forms, but it would be extremely helpful in remembering the genders. This is the approach used by other courses on here, including German, Spanish, and French. So far, the Irish and Danish courses (among others, I imagine) have gone without indicating gender, which is manageable for learners, but still a bit frustrating. Russian, however, having three genders, would benefit from this even more. Perhaps the grammatical case could also appear in the hints, but that's another issue altogether. I'd be more than content seeing just the gender.

November 5, 2015



Hi Balaur! The genders in Russian are almost entirely regular! So you'd only need to spend a few minutes to be very comfortable with them. Not like German which is impossible :p

Read more here: http://www.russianlessons.net/grammar/nouns_gender.php


The problem is when you haven't mastered how cases work and you see/hear a word in the middle of a sentence for the first time like, компьютера (masculine), мора (neuter), you might think it's feminine.


Everything in due course. You have to start by knowing the default/basic form before you can move on to the other case forms. I'm only at level 5 of the course, but so far it only introduces nominative nouns. I can only imagine that the user will be well introduced to the other cases as the course progresses.


Спасибо! This is actually very helpful.

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