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Turkish grammar

Stupid question:

What would the sentence be if you combined the accusative with the plural? For example would: "The ducks eat the strawberries" be: "Ördekler çilekleri yer" or something else?

Also, what would this be: "The Ducks eat my strawberries"?

And whatever the answers are, is that rule the same for other cases in Turkish?


November 5, 2015



You are correct :) In fact, the who "unmarked plural" thing that is true or general direct objects is not true for specific ones.

So, "Ördekler çilek yer" -- The ducks eat a strawberry/strawberries

Ördekler çileği yer -- The ducks eat the strawberry

Ördekler çilekleri yer -- They ducks eat the strawberries

and finally, "Ördekler çileklerimi yer" -- The ducks eat my strawberries (notice, it has the plural marker, possessive suffix, and the accusative case!)


Teşekkürler. Ben biliyorum.

So the order is plural-possessive-case. I should probably remember that!


This was also a confusing i had, but i wasn't sure how to describe it.

Thanks a lot to explain it so simply (like always)


Yeay! I got it right! :D

Çok teşekkürler. :)


Oh. I've just realized I got it wrong for the third sentence, the word çileklerimi. I thought the accusative suffix is put before the possessive suffix.

Because of that, it makes me wondering. In the lesson, there's a sentence like this:

"Benim giysilerim"

There is no accusative case, so it's a general direct object, right? But why there's the plural suffix? Isn't plural only distinguished in specific direct object? Please explain it, sir. I'm confused.

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