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  5. "Dima sees a girl."

"Dima sees a girl."

Translation:Дима видит девочку.

November 5, 2015



Я знаю этот филм...


I was thinking that "Дима видит девочку" means "Dima sees THE girl" and that "Дима видит девочка" would be how you would say "Dima sees A girl" Am I wrong? Can someone explain?


You are wrong unfortunately:

  • Дима видит девочкy (WHAT? + VERB ACTS ON OBJECT? Accusative case + you change -a to -y).

  • Дима и девочкa пьют (WHO?/SUBJECT? Nominative cases for both of them + you keep the -a).

  • Девочка видит девочку means The girl sees the girl OR A girl sees a girl OR The girl sees a girl OR A girl sees the girl. Basically, "a" or "the" are correct because russians don't care about it. That's why some Russians may tell you: I need to bring car to garage, give me gift, bear is near my house, bring cat when you come, etc.


Thank you so much! :)


You're welcome. Good luck with the Russian course, it is not easy!

De rien. Bon courage avec le cours de Russe, il n'est pas évident!

De nada. Suerte con el curso de Ruso, no es fácil!

Bitte. Vielen Glück mit der russische Kurs, es ist nicht einfach!

Graag gedaan. Succes met die Russische cursus, het is niet gemakkelijk!

Пожалуйста. Удача с русским курсом, не легко!

  • I don't master all those languages, but I hope I didn't fail! :D


In spanish, you write it good


В последнее время Дима только лишь видит девочек(


Dima you old собака...

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