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Colloquial Russian: An essential companion while learning Russian on Duolingo!

I found this amazing book online by chance,so here it is: http://www.scribd.com/doc/179876084/05-Colloquial-Russian-The-Complete-Course-for-Beginners-pdf#scribd Hope I helped you!

November 5, 2015



Being Latvian,I HAVE to learn Russian but I find it really hard!


Why do you have to?


I love those books too, but they are quite expensive.


I love this book. It puts the material in context instead of just giving you endless drills.

By the way, the audio companion is free at the company's website http://www.routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/colloquial/russian.php


You're right, it presents plenty of information. The older version of the book (it has an ugly orange paperback cover--don't know why it wasn't red, unless it faded) has even more. I bought mine used, and there should be quite a few still available pretty cheap. It's slightly older Russian (1970s) but for what we're doing it is fine.

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