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A suggestion and question for Russian course

The little toggle switch at the top of the lesson, is there a way so that once you switch it to whichever is your preference, it just stays there? I work on a few other language courses (that don't use that) and when I get to Russian again it always defaults to the Aa mode. So with the few shared letters in the alphabet, I start taking notes as if I'm writing down actual Russian words. It's never gone more than a word before I realize I have to switch, but its annoying. If its too hard to allow people "save" their preference, because the standard should be in Russian, I vote the default should be Яя.

Also is the Aa mode a way to teach sound or is this a way to avoid using the Russian keyboard layout, in the same way Chinese people phonetically sound out their words to type characters, and if not any of those what is it for?

November 5, 2015



I'd say that using the Aa mode is an option for those of us that don't have a Russian keyboard accessible to us or for those of us who haven't downloaded it just yet but still want to learn. Of course, you would never communicate with Russians using romanizations of the Russian words. The Aa mode is just used to help people get a grasp of the phonetics more easily. That also accounts for the strange letters you sometimes need to input (eg. for это - the romanization of э) for your translation to be marked correctly - phonetics once again!


Must be annoying that it is changing when you switch languages. I am only studying Russian and it has stayed on the Cyrillic for me luckily. I also agree that if that can't be fixed then the default should be Яя. I think it should be anyway, as learning Russian in romanised text is silly in my opinion. If you can read Cyrillic then the Aa mode serves no purpose, unless there is no access to a cyrillic keyboard for whatever reason.


On a Windows PC, when asked at the beginning of the course by a little popup, I chose the Яя setting of the button, and for me it has stayed set to that, so that whenever changing back to Russian everything is in Cyrillic that should be. Maybe it is an A/B test? I haven't restarted my browser since starting the Russian course, so possibly that has something to do with it.

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