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"Jeg vil gjerne bli kjent med deg."

Translation:I would like to get to know you.

November 5, 2015



I filled in "I want to get to know you." why isn't this correct? Is it because "gjerne" indicates the more formal nature of the sentence?


It's fine, and I'll add it in. :)

"Gjerne" can sometimes translate to "gladly", but often there is not good translation for it in English - you just have to think of it as a positive intensifier.


Thank you! I kind of have an idea what it means - we have 'graag' in Dutch which almost means the same. :)


What about "I really want to get to know you?" Why is that wrong? If "gjerne" is a positive intensifier, it would seem to translate to "really" in English. Why doesn't it?


I'll agree that they look interchangeable on paper, but in reality "Jeg vil gjerne bli kjent med deg" comes off as friendly and polite, while "I really want to get to know you" sounds somewhat desperate and may even come off as a little creepy when used in the same situations.

"Really" is a general intensifier, not strictly a positive one. You can think of "veldig" as the 1:1 general purpose translation of "very/really". "Gjerne" adds a layer of politeness and goodwill to the statement or request, which "very/really" lacks. That's why "gladly" is a better match in most cases, but often it's better to rewrite the sentence with "I would like/love to" as is done above.

Using "would like/love" instead of just plain "want" is a concept in English which doesn't translate directly to Norwegian, but has a similar effect to "gjerne" - which doesn't translate directly to English.

P.S.: "Veldig" can also modify "gjerne", so you can actually write "Jeg vil veldig gjerne bli kjent med deg", just like you could say "I would very much like to get to know you".


Tusen takk. Nei! En milliard takk!


what about "eager" ?


why:I would rather become well-known with you. is not correct?


Because this sentence is about becoming acquainted with someone, rather than becoming well-known or famous to them.


Takk for svare,Deliciae!Du kjenner jeg snakker ikke engelsk perfekt....

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My problem is "bli" : when and why you put there :(((

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