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  5. "У брата дома что, нет стола?"

"У брата дома что, нет стола?"

Translation:What, the brother has no table at home?

November 5, 2015



Why is there a что needed in this sentence?


It is a useful pattern for "..or what?"-type sentences where you are not quite sure of your own conclusions. Thanks for noticing it, I was going to delete all of them from the course for a long time.


It is to emphasize the surprise. The same as English "what" in the beginning of the sentence.


Okay thanks, but it seems strange to my non Russian ears. I mean, do you have to say half a sentence and then get surprised? Also, would this sentence be correct without the что?


No, you say the whole sentence as if in disbelief.

Without "что", this becomes a more neutral question: Doesn't the brother have a table at home?

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