"Tell me again, are you Ivan?"

Translation:Скажи ещё раз, ты Иван?

November 5, 2015

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Why does it correct ты to вы? They're both correct.


If you use "ты", you should also use the conjugation for "ты": скажи.


Probably you wrote something like «Скажите ещё раз, ты Иван?»

You should use either plural in both halves («скажите», «вы») or singular, also in both halves («скажи», «ты»).


Actually, why should you use the formal "you" when you call Ivan by his first name, which is supposed to be informal? I've asked this question on the reverse SD, but haven't gotten any answer.


Using first names is not informal in and of itself. First name + patronymic is clearly a polite formula; just a first name in its full form can be used at different levels of politeness.


Why is ты мне скажи ещё раз ты иван wrong?


Sounds weird, like "You tell me once more"


Is "раз" important? Can we not say "Скажите ещё, Вы Иван?"


Ещё раз = once more = again


What's wrong with "скажи мне ещё раз, ты Иван?" Is мне a mistake? I know it is obvious if I speak with one person but really noone uses it?

[deactivated user]

    Скажи мне ещё раз, ты иван? I think is good...


    I can not go on. It is not a written exercise .what is wrong, making all of choices still get wrong solution.this is the third time that i have encounter. I already left my words each time it occurs


    Скажи мне еще раз ты Иван - Why is it wrong?


    Simply because no one speaks like that. You never use мне when asking for information. I disabled translating back for now; English does not really use "tell" in questions, which causes a lot of problems in translation (in Russian it is a very common wording).

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