"I am in the subway."

Translation:Я в метро.

November 5, 2015

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I was a bit confused by this one. When I went to type it in I forgot how to write "in the" and I ran my mouse under "am in the" and it recommended нахожусь в. I knew that when I'd come across this sentence earlier that all I'd had to write was в, so instead I wrote Я в метро and I got it right. Why did it recommend the extra нахожусь? Would that be the more formal way of doing it?


нахожусь can be translated as "to be"(am in this sentence) or "located somewhere". And it's omitted because it's not necessary in Present tense


Thank you! That helps. :)


Can someone break down this sentence for me?


Я (I) [omitted: am] в (in) метро (underground train / metro).


Shouldn't it be Я в метре?


метро is a foreign word and does not decline.


Thanks that helped, when i started i obviously just accepted what was printed but later on after learning about genitives and returning to the first lessons for a repetition I was wondering why there is no (visual) genitive after 'B'

so let me just throw a lingot at you and cheers


I cant change my keyboard to Russian. I don't know why.


how do I change the writing into Russian


If you're on mobile, just get a Russian keyboard for your phone. Despite that, I'm not sure


On computer, if you go into Settings -> Time and Language -> Region and Language and scroll down a bit, there should be a large button that says add a language. Click that, then, in the window that pops up, scroll down until you see Russian. Click it, then click next. Uncheck the box that says "Set as my windows display language", then click install. The Russian keyboard should now be installed on your computer.


How is the prinunciation of где?


Use audio(headphones )it is necesary in Duolingo .


Gu-dee-yah. The first sound is like the beginning of 'gut' but you barely pronounce any vowel.


в sounds like 've' as in 'velocity'. Can I go with this? A consonant without vowel is something new for me. What about other consonants, like д or с or п alone?


I don't have the Russian alphabet on my keyboard...


I bought one through Amazon. It was 20 bucks and has both alphabets


I am flummoxed as to how to write Cyrillic characters in my lessons? How is this donee?


Just install a Russian keyboard. It's not hard to do. Check the instructions here https://ru-archive-from-duolingo.blogspot.com/2022/02/russian-alphabet-and-keyboard.html


I bought a key board that has both alphabets, Cyrillic and Latin. It is a little hard to type, but makes life, well learning Russian a little easier. I bought it through Amazon Prime for 20 bucks.


Just a hint for everyone, what I learnt in high school: foreign words like такси, метро, et cetera, do not decline, i.e. they stay in nominative - именительньий падеж.


I hovered over "am in" and it suggested быть. But the it was not accepted.


Быть is infinitive. Like in English, "to be". You don't say "I to be in metro.".


How do I get the backwards Capital R, or any of the Russian letters on my computer?


Are you on Windows, Linux, or Mac? I can only provide assistance with Windows but if you specify which, someone will help you any way.


is there a difference between "in" and "at" or is it just context?

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