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russian beta: where do we send comments/corrections, etc.

I'm working through Russian beta now and don't see anything where we can discuss sentences or suggest an edit, etc. Anyone else have this issue or is it just me? Additionally, I wanted to note that Duolingo should clarify when you have two words meaning the same (like вот and здесь for example) which applies to what scenario in the notes section perhaps? Thanks.

November 5, 2015



After you answer a question two buttons will appear at the bottom left of your screen, "Report a Problem" and "Discuss Sentence." You can also, I think, subscribe to the Russian forum for English speakers, where there will be a lot of discussion.


I found out that when my screen is reduced enough, the buttons won't appear at all! Maybe a technical glitch? where is the russian forum for english speakers? Thanks!


Click on "Discussion" and then over on the right choose "Edit" for "Your Subscriptions." You can "Manage your subscriptions" there and choose that forum.


To answer your question with the way I understand it, "вот" is more of a verb (not sure if it technically is); you'd use it if you were sort of pointing to something "here is X". "здесь" is more of a location word.


'вот' is kind of like the Russian equivalent of the French 'Voilá'


That's how I remembered it!! I read that in a Russian textbook.


Thanks. yes that is what I found out.

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