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Spanish Placement Test After Using Duolingo

Hey everyone - I just took the Computer Adaptive Placement Exam (CAPE) series from Brigham Young University. This is the standard placement test used at my university, NC State. I scored a 342 and placed in to the second semester beginner Spanish course, 102. I was only 4 points away from being placed in to the third semester intermediate Spanish, 201.

I took two years of Spanish in high school, my last course was in my Sophomore year 2004-2005. I haven't used Spanish since and have little to no environmental exposure to Spanish.

I began relearning Spanish when I joined Duolingo about a month ago. My progress on Duolingo has been steady and I have just passed the first "lock" in the Spanish course. I have supplemented learning on Duolingo with spaced repetition notecard studying with Anki and I have used Pimsleur (I'm up to lesson 14 in Spanish I) for audio comprehension.

Even though this was not my first introduction to the language, I am excited by the progress I have made in a month. Thanks Duolingo!

January 7, 2013



Awesome! Congratulations!


You are just the sort of student that most benefits from Dulingo . I use this program for daily practice and I think it is an excellent adjunct to learning , along with conversation and grammar lessons. I enjoy the concept of translating from the internet , and look forward to articles to translate that are more current , or from Wikipedia.


Awesome to get this "real world" example of how effective the duolingo course is. I'm currently taking a beginner university Spanish course, but after getting fed up with my progress in it, switched to using almost exclusively duolingo. I have my exam at the end of this month, so fingers crossed I'm able to achieve the same level of success as you.


James, please post an update after the test. I would love to hear how it goes for you!


I'll be sure to. :)

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