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Does Immersion take a long time to upload? Or is it frozen?

I uploaded an article from Wikipedia, only, it seems to be taking a very long time. I've never uploaded an article before. Is this usual?

How long should I wait before assuming something has gone wrong?

Also, does it always say "This document may contain offensive material"? This is an article about gender identity. So, it might mention "sex" as in chromosomes. And it says "Queer" but as a collective, reclaimed identity, not as a slur.Those are the only things I can think of.

Alt text

Thank you!

(PS I tried to locate any conversations on this matter via the search bar. But, while I found plenty on immersion and uploading, i didn't see anything about how long to wait. So, I apologize if this has already been asked.)

Tag: Immersion upload time

UPDATE: So far, 20 minutes has gone by. Still no changes to the screen from the shot above.

November 21, 2013



Once it says "The document may contain offensive content" it means the document has been rejected, and there's nothing more to do. We'll change the design to make this a bit more clear.

Our offensive content filter is pretty strict and sometimes generates false positives. If you send me a link to the document, I can see whether we can modify it to allow this document to pass through.


Awesome, thanks! Posting it to your stream now. :)

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